Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've been waiting for Instragram to come to the android market for, like.. ever. It's finally here and I've been going a little picture editing crazy. You can follow me at @ohhheykatie :)

 Downtown Portland
 Cannon Beach
 Wedding crafts
 Sunny day at the river
 Wheel. of. FORTUNE!
 Looks so innocent. Looks are deceiving.
 Blazers game
 Tux fitting
 My one year anniversary at work was on the 18th. Time flies!
 Pushing the gigantic cart around Lowes for two plants and two quarts of paint
 Strawberry sandals

The last two were edited with Victoria's Secret Pink Nation app :)

Happy Birthday Lily!

Lily turned 13 on the 14th and we celebrated with some tuna :)

Happy Birthday Lily!