Sunday, January 29, 2012


Elsie from A Beautiful Mess recently adopted a dapple dachshund and now I want one so.freaking.bad. Blaine said no. Apparently two cats and a hamster are enough :( but how can you resist this?!

I want a tiny little dog to go on walks with and to take to the river, the beach and camping. I want a mini dapple dachshund that I can carry in my purse and spoil at the pet store. But I don't want to deal with letting them out to go to the bathroom (which with living on a second floor apartment isn't the most convenient thing to do) or deal with their stank. But again, who can resist that face?!

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  1. keep saying, "they have to be walked even when I have the flu. They have to be walked even when I have the flu..." After letting that sink in a few times, I find that walking the neighbor's dog on perfect days is, well, perfect. (the cat never wants/needs to be walked) :-)