Sunday, December 4, 2011

The holidays

So we all know that I'm really bad about blogging. I've got some pictures to share from picking out our pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving and picking out our tree.

I forgot to take pictures of us picking out pumpkins in the field..

Found a chicken in the corn maze

Tractor ride on the way to get pumpkins

Pumpkin toss

For work on Halloween we all made costumes of exclusive products that we make/sell.

I don't know if any of you will know what these products are but from left to right we have a Magnum reflector, (me) Phresh Filter, Flo'N'Gro, Ideal Air air conditioner, bottle of nutrient Bloombastic and on the ground we have a bag of soil.

For Thanksgiving we went to Blaine's dad's for dinner and his mom's for dessert. Here are some pictures of my fall decor

Chalkboard in our kitchen. We're so punny.

Yesterday we went and picked out our Christmas tree!

So many trees to choose from!


We haven't decorated our tree yet. I wanted to finish making the tree skirt first. I love it and think it turned out great!

I'll be home in 14 days!!

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