Sunday, November 13, 2011

The proposal

I honestly don't even know where to start but here we go. So a couple of weekends ago Blaine went out with his dad for a few hours just to Starbucks and hang out for a bit, totally normal. Then the next weekend he did the same. Then a few days later he randomly started talking about a ring that he gave me years ago and how he wanted to get it fixed re-sized. I thought it was kind of odd that he was bringing that up since it hasn't fit for some time now but we had just looked at it the day before. But then he asked me what my ring size was and found a printable ring sizer online and wanted me to do it. Little suspicious that he wanted me to do it right then but whatever. Blaine then worked late several nights over a weeks time. I hadn't thought TOO much about it since that is normal but previously listed events made me wonder. We then decided to go to the beach this weekend. We had talked about going for several weeks to see the fall leaves and we wanted to go to Devil's Churn on the Oregon coast because it's supposed to be extra churny during winter storms. I hadn't felt very good last weekend so I was definitely ready to do something great so I booked a hotel in Newport for this past weekend. I told my work friends about our weekend plans and I had mentioned before of Blaine's sneaky like ways recently. They were totally convinced that he was going to propose this weekend and I kept telling them that they were crazy, I seriously don't think so. By the end of work on Friday everyone in the office (all 9 of us) had heard of the supposed proposal and I had kind of started to wonder if they were right. That night we packed our bags and by 8am the next morning (after a Starbucks run) we were on the road. We went straight to Devil's Churn to get there as high tide was coming in because that's when the best waves are supposed to be. As we were driving I was thinking about what my friends had said and was totally convinced that they were crazy because Blaine was acting 100% normal. Once we got to Devil's Churn we stood at the over look then hiked down to the rocks to see the waves better. When we got down there I realized that I was still wearing my TOMS and had forgotten to change into my tennis shoes. I thought great, how am I going to walk across wet rocks in these? Blaine kept asking if I wanted to walk a little ways and I was unsure because of my shoes and the waves were a little scary but we drove all this way and I wasn't going to just stand in one place. Once I walked as far as I felt comfortable Blaine started acting kind of weird. This was my first clue... he kept turning around and looking back up the hill where the car/path is and not at the waves. He kept standing in front of me and I kept telling him to turn around watch the waves! They were getting big and the water kept getting closer. Then he started staying all of these sweet things and fumbling with his jacket. All I remember saying is "what are you doing? what are you doing?" then he dropped to one knee and I know he was talking but all I heard was "Will you marry me?" I managed to say "YES!" and he slipped the most gorgeous ring onto my finger. I was the most happy that I've ever been and was SO shaky. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I wanted to tell everyone that we saw on the way to car. We didn't have super great cell phone service but we managed to stop smiling long enough to call our parents. I was (and still am) the happiest girl alive and am so excited to start planning this wedding and our future together.

I asked Blaine to write his side of the story (it sounds/is way better than my version!)-

So Katie and I have known each other for over 8 years, and I knew a long time ago that she was the one I couldn’t live without. I have looked at rings for a very long time, casually, but recently I started looking to actually buy. Luckily, Katie had hinted (read SHOWN) to me some rings that she liked, which probably saved me in the end. My first dilemmawas getting time to actually go and look seriously to buy. So I spent several hours over the past several weeks looking online whenever I got the chance. One night I just finally had to “work late” so I took a trip 30 minutes to the store where I knew I’d end up buying the most important item in my life. Traffic was terrible so that just made things that much more interesting. Luckily when I got there I was prepared, or so I thought. I walked in and realized this was a huge deal and I started to get nervous. I was met by a friendly salesperson who helped me get started in an otherwise nearly impossible situation to jump right into. The first time through I just looked at ring settings and asked a million questions. It came down to deciding on one that I had seen online and really really liked and that the salesman had actually suggested to me as well. I needed to go home and think about it, plus Katie was probably wondering how my stressful overtime at work was going. So I went home and the stress began. I had decisions to make and I hadn’t even started looking at diamonds yet. I made several calls and sent emails back and forth to the salesman. I wanted to get it right; you only do this once! So on Sunday I decided this time to go “a few places with my dad” which I actually had the previous weekend, so it wasn’t THAT farfetched. I drove the 30 minutes once again this time with the intent to finally complete the most important purchase I will ever make. I got there around 1:00pm. I met with the same salesman again and we went to work. I asked to see a few rings but eventually went back to the original decision. Next came the diamonds. Honestly it was pretty fun. We spent a couple hours looking at the selection and learning about diamonds in general. It finally came down to one, and I completed the ring. After I finally was able to pick it up after being sized and assembled I couldn't stop looking at it. Every opportunity I had I'd run and grab it from my hiding spot under my dresser, open it up, look at it, and then quickly put it back, hoping Katie wouldn't find it or that one of the cats wouldn't find it and start batting it around the house. I had told Katie that I wanted to go to the beach again yet this year but secretly it was in preparation for the day when I had an engagement ring ready. So luckily it didn't seem to weird when I told her I wanted to go the following weekend. I planned it all out from the weather to timing all the way down to the tide tables! We were going to get to Devil's Churn in Yachats, OR just before high tide on Saturday so the scene would be set. I hardly slept for several days prior to going to the beach and the ride down there wasn't any easier. I kept looking at the clouds and then the sun breaks then it would go back to clouds and rain. I was pretty excited when we got to the beach we noticed the waves were extra turbulent and the water level was really high, just perfect for a spectacular backdrop to my proposal. So we finally got to the destination, Devil's Churn, and were met with several other tourists who were there to see the crashing waves down the cliff below. We went down to the rocks and I began to get nervous. Up to this point I wasn't really that bad, but coming down to it, I wanted it to be perfect. We moved down around the cliff a bit and enjoyed the view for a few minutes as I scoped out the other people and as soon as the last group left the area I turned to Katie and started my proposal. At that point I'm pretty sure she knew something was up as I began telling her about how I felt and how lucky I really am to have her in my life, then I got down on one knee and presented her with the ring. She said yes. We held each other for a few minutes as I heard and felt the waves a few yards behind us crashing a few stories into the air. Relief, excitement, love, the fear of the wild seas had nothing on how I felt at that very moment. I could finally spill all the stories I had held in secret for the past several weeks and months about my journey to get to this point. I am the luckiest man alive.

No we don't have a date planned yet, just sometime next year. Thank you to all of the congratulations :) We are beyond happy.

I said yes!