Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful Day

Saturday we had a completely wonderful day. We went to Bonneville Dam, got a dam tour and hiked up to Wahkeena Falls.

We've been to the dam several times but have never actually gotten the dam tour. The visitor center is still authentic from the 70's when it was built and there is rarely anyone even there. If you want a tour you have to schedule one and we never think about it until we are actually there. Yesterday there were probably 30 people in the visitor center so they had a couple tours. It was actually really interesting and I'm glad that we got stuck in traffic for 40 minutes otherwise we might not have gotten a tour.

After we left the dam we headed over towards Multnomah falls to see what other falls/steams we could explore. Multnomah falls is always SO SO busy and we've been there several times so we knew that we wanted to go somewhere new. I saw a nice stream and decided that we would just go there. When we got out of the car I told Blaine that it sounded like there was a water fall near by. Well right across the road was Wahkeena Falls. It was beautiful and surprisingly not busy at all. We hiked the short .2 miles to the viewing bridge and saw less then 20 people the whole time we were up there. It was nice to get pictures without a bunch of strangers in there too. After we hiked down, we walked back across the street to the stream that I first saw.

Columbia River Gorge

Bonneville Dam

Dam tour

Going across the Bridge of the Gods

Wahkeena Falls

Great weather + beautiful scenery = great Saturday

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