Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not good at this

Yeah yeah yeah I'm majorly slacking on blogging. I will honestly and truly try harder to blog more.

A couple of weekends ago we went camping for the first time this year. It was the hottest that it's ever been when we've been camping. I love camping on the Oregon Coast. It's so beautiful and there is so much to do and see. I haven't even put pictures on my computer so I will post those soon. I PROMISE. This past weekend was spent getting things done like cleaning, transplanting my strawberry plant, trying out a small bakery downtown and going to some garage sales. I got 20 assorted Kerr, Ball and unmarked Mason jars for $2.50! We also got new sheets and a new shower curtain. Super exciting blog worthy stuff.

Today I took my car to emissions on my lunch break and it failed. I just need a new gas cap so it could be way worse but I still have to go back and show them that I got a new one then I can get my new tabs, that expire this weekend. And if my Washington State tabs are expiring you know what that means... I've lived here for over a year. Crazy right? It seems like a crazy long year but also a crazy fast year.

And possibly the most exciting news, I bought Britney Spears concert tickets! Woo! I'm living my '90s concert dreams this summer. The tickets were 50% off on Groupon one day so I couldn't pass them up. I'm not sure how I talked Blaine into going to NKOTBSB and Britney Spears concerts but it happened and I'm stoked. We are planning for my mom to come out in August and there is a Beach Boys concert that I want to go to. I also wanted to go to the Taylor Swift concert. This summer is going to be a busy one with Blaine's 25th birthday in less than two weeks, Britney Spears concert, camping for 4th of July, NKOTBSB concert, my 21st birthday, my mom visiting, more camping, etc etc :)

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