Monday, May 30, 2011


I was just going to get ready for bed but then I remembered that I said that I would post Seattle pictures.

Today we slept until 10:30, lazed around for awhile. went grocery shopping and lazed some more. We decided to go walk Molly then come back and clean a little but that didn't happen. When we got to Molly's house, Sue answered the door and said "I have a leak!". Her washing machine was over flowing and there was water everywhere. The laundry closet had a few inches of water in it, carpet was soaked all through the hallway and into another closet and bathroom. Blaine and I spent about three hours helping to get it as dry as we could until Sue could call the office tomorrow morning. We were so tired and thirsty after wards that Blaine and I went to Sonic and got some treats to drink.

Now for Seattle pictures. Last weekend we drove up to Seattle with Blaine's sister Enjelle on Saturday, spent the night, and went to Blaine's cousin's wedding on Sunday about 45 mins north of Seattle. We went to Pike's Market, the Space Needle and did the Underground Tour.
*Blogger is being really dumb about uploading pictures. These are all backwards and I tried to delete some/move some around but there are still duplicates even though I've deleted them so I apologize! I will try to work with it more tomorrow night and make it prettier*

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