Saturday, May 28, 2011


What? I have a blog? I almost forgot! I seriously don't feel like being on the computer at home after being on the computer all day at work. I'm so far behind on all of the blogs I read, my nails don't get painted as often as I'd like and I haven't done a craft in over a month. Blaine's friend Kenny is over and I got tired of the YouTube surfing that they're doing so I figured now would be a great time to blog.

WELL I know I haven't done an update in forever but there isn't that much that I do. I mean I'm never at home but I don't do anything that interesting. My days usually go something like this: work, make/eat dinner, go to the store if needed, go on a walk if it's nice, clean the house, take a shower, go to bed. Last Saturday we drove up to Seattle with Blaine's sister Enjelle, stayed the night and went to Blaine's cousins wedding on Sunday. The week leading up to our trip was spent finding clothes for Blaine and I to wear to the wedding. It included a trip to the mall, short stops at Ross/Marshalls, a run through Kohls, three target runs and a stop at DSW. I ended up wearing a dress/shoes from a target and a sweater I already had and Blaine wore khakis from target and a shirt from Nordstroms. I'll elaberate on our trip in a separate post with pictures.

This past week we really didn't do too much. Just work, grilled a lot for dinner, walked at the very flooded river a few times and of course went to Target several times. Seriously. I knew we went to Target a lot but then I realized that almost every time I call my mom (which is every night) we are at/going to/driving home from Target. My mom sent us a box this week. It was filled with pampered chef goodies, Easter baskets and just fun randomness.

Today we went and saw Bridesmaids. I bought two $4 movie tickets from Groupon so we went to the movies for $8. When we walked into the theater I was pleased to see that there were only two other people in there. Being an R rated movie I knew there wasn't going to be any kids and being a 1pm movie I hoped that it wasn't going to be busy. Then I realized that the two people were Blaine's dad and his wife Linda. What a coincidence right? Out of all of the movie theaters/movies in Vancouver we end up at the same one at the same time. After the movie Blaine and I went to an antique store and I bought owl salt and pepper shakers (yes now I have three different owl salt and pepper shakers). One reason that I bought them was because they match a cookie jar that I want that is at Anthropology. Tonight we picked Kenny up and went out for pizza at Blind Onion.

Crazy right? Now I have to get the cookie jar!

Whew. Caught up? I think so. It was supposed to rain two of the three days of our long weekend so we planned things to do inside and it ended up be really nice for most of today.

We don't really have anything going on this week... just that my cousin Jill is having a baby!!

I promise I will post about our Seattle trip tomorrow or Monday!!!

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