Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trip (very picture heavy)

I know I know, I've been home for over a week and haven't posted pictures or anything. It's been a busy week. My trip was great! Lots of lunch/dinner dates and visiting with everyone! I got to meet my second cousin Staley, help my mom organize her sewing room which led to me mailing home a big box of sewing/craft goodies, have lunch with Laura, dinner with my Aunt Jo Anne, go to my second cousins soccer practice, have an Easter egg hunt, and lots of time with Emily!

Pictures from the plane:

I don't know where we were but the ground was snow covered

Turning as we were landing in Chicago

Coloring Easter eggs

After the Easter egg hunt

Emily, Kenny and I

I also went with Emily to the doctor. Before and after the doctor we went shopping and I found this really cool vintage Pyrex mixing bowl.

We had breakfast at Busy Corner and asked for a coloring sheet which we gave to Grandma Mary when we were done.

We played croquet

Two of Emily's cats, Spike and Oreo

My sister's rabbit, Butterscotch

My sister's sheep, Rosie

Emily's Grandma Mary is now home on hospice care and has started to give away some of her things. One of the things that she gave me was this apron. We used to walk up to grandma's house and play dice with her all the time in high school and before I moved I would go cook with her. She thought it was great and I learned a lot too. The first time I made dinner with her I found this fun little (literally) apron and fell in love. It has these Native American looking design on it with one tassel on the front. Every time we'd cook I'd want to wear the apron and every time grandma told me that I had to leave it at her house and that that would be mine to wear there. Now I have it in my own kitchen to wear when I cook. She'd always say that she didn't understand why I liked it so much and that she found it at a garage sale for 10 cents but it's not always WHAT it is, it's the memories behind it. I was really surprised and excited that she gave me the apron. She did say though that I had to "tell the story" of the apron and how I "learned to touch raw meat in it" :)

Making Alabama fried chicken

And that was my trip! I had a great time but I'm done with flying. Everyone can come out and see me now!!

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