Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Out and About

Here is a recap of the week in pictures

I wanted to get some hanging flower baskets to put on the railing and this weekend Fred Meyer was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale and all of the flowers I got were $1/each.

My tulips are starting to bloom

My strawberries are doing well too

Simon watches whenever we are outside

Every night all night



then we took a break to swing

Ready for the job interview

Celebratory dinner at McMenamins. View from our table.

Walking at the river

I tried uploading a video but it's been over an hour and it still says uploading but I'm not sure if it's even doing anything. I'll ask Blaine and hopefully post some videos soon!


  1. pretty flowers! i've tried keeping some out on our balcony but i always kill them :o( FAIL

  2. thanks! I can't grow anything from seed and I recently killed a cactus so I'm hoping I can keep these alive!

  3. cute! love the flowers! it was such a beautiful day in vancouver! did i miss that? lol