Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Celebrate

Hallelujah I got a job!

Do I hear an AMEN!?

So Monday Blaine emailed me about a new job that Sunlight Supply (the company he works for) was hiring for. The job was for a logistics assistant and the duties sounded easy enough. I just had one question, what's logistics? After semi figuring it out I told Blaine to tell them that I was interested and to send them my resume. The next day (Tuesday) Blaine came home with an application and told me to come turn it in the following day (Wednesday). When I went to turn the applications in it ended up turning into an interview. The NEXT day (Thursday) I met with my bosses daughter who is the head of logistics for an interview with her. Now today (Friday) I got a call that I got the job! Hooray! I start Wednesday or Thursday. I have to wait for my background check to come back and to fill out paper work. I'm super excited and super nervous. Yay for a paycheck though, right?!

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