Thursday, April 14, 2011

A girl should treat herself

So today I went to Target to get a card and gift bag for a bridal shower I'm going to this weekend and in the same shopping plaza is a DSW. I thought I'd go in and look for some new flats that I can wear to work but that's not what I walked out with....

As I'm walking through the store I see these babies

Gold glittery goodness. Of course I had to try them on (which was the beginning of the end) and realized I had to have them. Are they practical? Not really. Will I wear them all the time? Probably not. Do I NEED them? Not exactly. Are they super great? Yes. Were they 50% off? Yes.

A girl should treat herself after she finally got a job after 10 months of looking AND getting the job from the first interview she actually got to go to.

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