Friday, March 4, 2011

Some photos I've forgotten to post

Soon I will have internet at my own house. It has really stunk having to tether internet from my phone whenever I want to get online for the past month or so. At least I could kind of get something done, right? The internet man comes out either today or Monday to flip the switch or whatever he has to do since he doesn't even have to come in the house. I have enjoyed seeing Portia a lot lately since I've been going to Blaine's mom's to connect to her wifi.
There is this squirrel that comes up to the door every day because it knows that Blaine's mom will feed it peanuts. It will take it right out of your hand and it might even come in the house if we'd open the door wide enough.

We finally bought some Girl Scout cookies last weekend (they are already gone.. we only got 3 boxes!..) and I decided to dip the last of the Do-si-dos in chocolate mmmm

Blaine wanted the rest of the melted chocolate

Simon helped himself to the water bottle box while I was putting water bottles into the fridge. Later he tried to get in it again and got stuck. He couldn't get himself turned around or squeeze through the other side and I had to cut the plastic for him to get out.

Simon has to be watched when we give him paper/paper bag/cardboard box to play in because he always ends up ripping it and eating the pieces.

He has to help with whatever you do. I was rearranging the spare room a couple weeks ago and he was a super big help.

Beautiful day when we walked Molly last. This is in front of an elementary school about a block from our apartment.

Made a Valentine's Day sweatshirt

Made my dad a tie for his birthday

Found this old ticket stub in our theater chairs when I was rearranging the spare room. Have I blogged about these?

The ticket stub is for Die Hard on July 19, 1990 for $6.00. We think this might have been a double feature with Die Hard and Die Hard 2 since that theater did most if not only double features. I was 2 days old when this person went to the movies. That ticket stub has been in that chair for almost 21 years.

I have more pictures on my camera but it's at home. I keep forgetting to load the pictures onto my computer. Soon I will have internet whenever I want it and my posts will be more frequent/up to date.

We don't have much planned this weekend. We are going to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) on Sunday because the first Sunday of the month admission is only $2 instead of $12. I've REALLY wanted to go to the zoo. I love going to the zoo and when I was little we had a membership and would go a lot. Blaine does not like the zoo or the price so I'm trying to convince him to buy a membership so we can go whenever we want (which if it was up to him would be never and if it was up to be would be all the time)!

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  1. WHAT??? i did NOT know that about OMSI! I might have to go now! Also, I'll go to the zoo with you whenever you want because I love it soooo much!