Monday, March 21, 2011

Picture Update

A better picture of Petunia. She has doubled in size since getting her. She's about 2.5 inches long now so about full size.

We walked along the river at a different spot than usual. There is this great walkway that sticks out about a quarter of the way into the river. It was REALLY windy but we will definitely start walking here more.

Portia is getting so big!

How cute is Simon?

We bought a Kodak Playtouch last night so I hope to start posting videos for you all!


  1. Hey, this is where I went running yesterday! From the water resource center to wintler park. Such a good walking/running path!

  2. yeah! we hadn't been down there in YEARS and the other night we decided to check it out. its changed a lot we've been down there obviously but we're def going to go down there instead of walking from who song and larry's to beaches and back. WAY NICER!