Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Blaine and I went to OMSI on Sunday. Admission was only $2 which is a total deal because it's usually $12. I like OMSI for the changing feature exhibits. The rest of the museum is cool but is really geared towards kids. Last time we went the featured exhibits were dinosaurs and some writer. This time they were Lost Egypt and Design Zone. Lost Egypt was pretty cool. A lot of real artifacts and there was even a real mummy. Design Zone was also really cool. Mostly math related "games" or things to do. Blark. We got to beat on different PVC pipes with drum sticks and spatulas like the Blue Man Group does. The pictures above are from Design Zone. You had to put in some sort of numbers to get the different effects. Or something... multiply the exposure or something with pixels. Or something. I learned more in Lost Egypt. I tend to block out/not put a ton of effort into math related things.

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