Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Petunia

This is Petunia

She is a Robo Dwarf Hamster and is about an inch and a half long. We've thought about getting a little critter for awhile now but I just wasn't sure that I wanted to deal with it. Well when we went to Petco the other night we saw her and my heart melted. She was so tiny. I'd never seen a hamster that small before and I had to have her. She's gotten bigger in the 4 days that we've had her but she's still really really small. Petunia will only be 2-3 inches long :D Here are some pictures that we've taken since getting her.

Even her poops are cute. They are about half the size of a grain of rice. And that tiny tiny spot is pee.

We put her cage on the bookshelf at night... just in case.
Petunia in a toilet paper tube
Lily watches her constantly. It doesn't matter if she is running in her wheel or sleeping in her igloo, Lily has been glued to her. But when she's in her ball Lily doesn't really care.
Simon doesn't mind her too much. He gets bored of her really quickly. Which is fine with me.

This is NOT allowed when Petunia watching and she knows it.
Sorry for the terrible pictures but you're probably used to them by now! I really didn't want to use the flash around Petunia. I'll post more pictures later when I get them from Blaine's phone.

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