Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm ready to pack my bags!

I FINALLY bought tickets!!! I'll be home March 24th- April 2nd. WOOOO!!! Ticket prices kept going up up up and I hate buying tickets. Not just because I'm shelling out a ridiculous amount of money but it's so stressful! Are these good take off/landing times? Are these good dates to be gone? Will there be someone that can pick me up/take me to Chicago on these days? etc etc etc. Gah! I finally just bought tickets on the closest cheapest week. I wanted to come a week earlier but tickets prices were $800-$1300. WHAT? Uh no. I'll come a week later and spend way less than that thank you very much. I wanted to stay for longer but the longer I made the trip the more expensive it got. Anyways I'm SO EXCITED to come home!!! I HAAATE flying. I'd rather get the flu. I'm just not a fan of being in a VERY cramped space with tons of strangers for hours (4) on end. Every time the plane hits some turbulence or sounds different I can't help but think "WE'RE GOIN' DOWN!" Even though air travel is supposed to be the safest way to travel. My butt it is. I'm getting stressed just thinking about flying.

With that said it's about time I had some visitors here. We have a very comfy couch that when you take the back cushions off is about the size of a roomy twin bed and I usually make pancakes or waffles on the weekends.

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