Monday, March 7, 2011

I hate flying

Reasons to come home (for a visit):

1. I need bras
2. I need underpants
3. I need jeans
4. I need sweaters/sweatshirts/tank tops
5. I need [:)] shoes
6. I need Spotted Cow, Chili's and Cracker Barrel.
7. I need to see my cousin's new baby
8. I need to go through vhs's/dvd's I left behind that I know I want
9. I need a (free) hair cut/eyebrow wax
10. I need to see my sister's lamb while she's still little
11. I need to be home for my best friend's spring break
12. I need to see my (adopted) grandma who is now on hospice care.
13. I NEED to see my mom
14. I NEED to see my bff Emily
15. I NEED to see everyone because I miss you all so much!

Vacation by The Go's Go's just came on my iTunes... it's a sign

I've really been thinking about coming home for a visit. Not just thinking about it. I'm GOING to come home for a visit. It's the perfect time with me (still) not employed, Emily will be on spring break and I need to see my grandma. Ticket prices are steep (well what should I expect? I want to leave in a week) but I'm hoping to by tickets in the next 2 days. I was looking around today and it might actually be cheaper for me to buy two one way tickets. I know several of you just want me to buy a one way ticket but I won't. Maybe some of you *cough*momandemily*cough* should buy a one way ticket out here! Woo! You don't have to MOVE out here.. just don't make plans to go home for awhile.

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