Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday

Woo! We have internet! Actually we've had it since Saturday. Now I can "blog everyday" or so says my mom :) We'll see about that.. I don't have THAT much going on! The posts would be "Today I got up and got online. Then I watched TV while Lily slept on my lap. Then I went to the store and bought cat food. Now I'm going to make dinner then Blaine will get home I'll ask him a million times what he wants to do because I haven't seen him all day and I want to go somewhere." That's a pretty accurate description of my day to day life minus the cat food part. Sometimes its the post office, bank or dollar tree.

Anywaaaays back to 10 things.

1.West Coast cut paper piece. I love love love the west coast. I just wish it was closer to the mid west.

2. Sew Very Happy Print. I think I need this for my craft room.

3. Homemade pop tarts! I'd use strawberries instead of cherry's. yuck.

4. LOVE this headboard. Might have to DIY

5. Gnome sugar cookies!

6. Wood grain dress

7. This dress would be perfect for summer

8. I need this chair

9. So at first I thought this was an apron but it's a skirt. I'd like it better as an apron.

10. triangle clutch

I'm starting to see a theme with my 10 things.. usually there's a dress, something with bunting and some sort of food. And I don't wear dresses. Like ever. But I like them a lot. I just feel silly wearing one if I'm not going somewhere where a dress is required.

Have a great day!


  1. I love that wood grain dress and I would kill for the karin dress / navy polka dots one too!

  2. oh yes! I wish they were cheaper!

  3. Thanks for posting our print, Katie!

    And I know what you mean, I feel like I live at the post office most days!

    Love your blog! ;)