Monday, February 21, 2011

This week

Yesterday morning Blaine and I made donuts. They were SO SO good! We just used Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits in the tube and fried them in vegetable oil in Blaine's fryer. We took a fryer outside so the house wouldn't smell.
Cinnamon sugar and glazed with sprinkles
I got this SUPER great hand towel at Pier 1 on sale after Valentine's Day. I told Blaine it has three great things in one and that's why I need it ;) It has sequins, rick rack and dangley polka dot hearts.
I got this blanket on sale at Target after Valentine's Day for $1.24! Booya Target and everyone else that paid $9.99! I love the detailed trim.
We also got these matching bird soap dispensers at Pier 1. They are much prettier than having the soap bottle sitting out.
I want this sewing machine bird feeder from Jo-Ann Fabrics!
Also, I got the dish towels that I REALLY wanted! (see 10 Things I love 2 weeks ago) I thought my Aunt Cathy had sent them to me because my mom told me that she was thinking about it but when I called to thank her she said that she never actually ordered them because she was having trouble with the site. And even if somehow the order got through, her Pay Pal hasn't been charged. Do I have a mystery buyer?
(This isn't a permanent placement. I taped them on the wall temporarily :) Also Pier 1 now as a knife to go with our fork and spoon!


  1. next time i need to be invited to the donut party! lol did blaine get a haircut? looks good! and you def need the knife!

  2. I will for sure let you know next time we make donuts! We can do buffet style with lots of different toppings :) No he didn't get a hair cut he just hadn't "done" it for the day. He says he looks goofy without gel and will not leave if his hair isn't did. I really want the knife but it's $69!

  3. Dish towels were from me, sweetie. I assumed they would include the order form and you would know who they were from. Hope they are as cute as they looked on the website. xo Aunti Jo