Monday, February 7, 2011

On the weekend we...

We got a lot done this weekend. Finally hung the door on the wall (yay!), walked at the river and took pictures of the cats. Oh and "watched" the Superbowl.

On Friday night we went to Blaine's grandparents to use his grandpa's saw to cut the boards to hang the door. The guys did their thing in the garage and I stayed inside with Blaine's grandma and played with the cats while she played the accordion for me. The saw kept tripping the breaker thus cutting power to the garage and kitchen about 15 times. No joke. I was afraid that the power was going to go off and not come back on. After an hour and a half they got done cutting. On Saturday we spent several hours hanging the door. Thanks for the advice Uncle Eric but we did what Martha Stewart suggested. The job would have been a lot easier if we would of have a stud finder. At least we got the door up and even an earthquake can take this baby down.

We also went to an estate sale on Saturday and I got this wonderful owl cast iron hot plate. It was very disgusting (like in the picture) when I got it but I've since cleaned it and it looks MUCH better.

Walking at the river. I don't know that people know that when I say "the river" I mean the Columbia River. Just FYI :)

We found an IGA downtown and went to see how it compares to the one back in Eureka. And it doesn't at all. This one is very shady and smells like B.O. and fish. I think their main sellers are fish and booze since that's all there was at the whole back of the store. Never again.

Sunset from the balcony

Someone doesn't care if he gets caught on the counter or stove. If Lily see's him get up there she just stares at me like "uh he's up there again." This has been an increasing problem but we've taken a new approach of just (gently) pushing him off of the counter without saying anything, withholding treats if he's been especially bad that day and only giving treats every other day. I feel bad for Lily because she's so good. It's actually working and he hasn't gotten on the counter in days.

Fluffy kitty toes

Playing with string

We went to Blaine's mom's house for the Superbowl and this is how I spent the day, playing with Portia. She's getting so big!!

I got to take my Nana's sewing machine home with me when we visited in October and the spool pin broke in transit. I went to a local sewing machine repair shop THREE WEEKS ago and ordered a new one and its supposed to get in today. I really hope it does because I've that things that I want to sew! I'm also expecting to get some nail polish in the mail today, a toaster tomorrow and Benefit lip tint Wednesday or Thursday. It's like Hanukkah this week.

The Blazers vs. Bulls game is also tonight. Woo! I told Blaine that I need a new Blazers t-shirt because the guy on my shirt has been out with injury's the last season or so. I want a shirt with a player that actually plays. Since all of our good players are out with various injuries I might have slim pickins on a shirt. Oh well maybe I can at least get some dippin' dots mmm. What's even better is that we are riding with Blaine's friend so we (or I should say Blaine) doesn't have to battle Portland traffic.

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  1. Good job on the door hanging. We've seen that method used at art shows with heavy ceramic grids. Of COURSE Martha would know best. :)