Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello February!

Is it really February? January 1st seems like SO long ago but when I think about it being February it just seems too soon.

There isn't very much on the calender this month. Blaine and I are going to Portland Trail Blazers vs. Chicago Bulls game on the 7th. Who to cheer for? Home team or home team? Sorry Chicago but I've never been to one of your games and I've been to many Blazer games. Plus I actually know some Blazer player names (positions are a different story) and who is out with injuries. Not that I follow the Blazers I just watch the news every night at 11. Blaine's friend has season tickets to the Blazers so he takes Blaine a lot or gives both tickets so we've gotten to go to some games for free. We actually bought these tickets because I knew I wanted to go to this game.

Other than that the only things on the calender are a lot of birthdays! My friend Bethany's 21st was yesterday, my long time friend Amanda's 21st is Friday as well as my Uncle Jack's (not 21st ;), Rachael's 25th is next Thursday and at the end of the month my dad is turning 44 and Blaine's dad is turning 60. A lot of milestone birthdays at that!

It's another wonderful day here in Central Illino.... I mean Southwest Washington ;) Blue blue sky and its going to be about 50 today. I can't wait until it gets even warmer so we can go to the beach and to the zoo. We've been DYING to get to the beach and go camping... and it's February 2nd. Only a few more months to go.

I think we're going shopping tonight for wood and such to hang the door. We went to Home Depot last night to see if they would cut the wood at a 45 degree angle and they said no. We called around and NO ONE does. They will do a flat cut but that doesn't help us and we don't have a saw. So Blaine's dad is going to cut the wood for us at Blaine's grandpa's since he's the only one with the right tools.

And we finally ordered a toaster. Finally.

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  1. OHHHHH thats my birthday! hahaha. thanks for the link love katie!