Monday, February 21, 2011

The Cats

I don't post too much about the cats so here's an entry all about them.

Simon has been his normal stinkery self. Getting on the counter, harassing Lily and so on. The other night I was making dinner and looked into the living room to see him hanging out on the coffee table. He doesn't care if he gets caught, he just sits there and looks at you. He's also really sweet, cuddles when it's his idea and always has to help with whatever you are doing.
This is usually what I get when I try to take a picture of him.
Or I get this. Ears back trying so hard NOT to look at the camera.
Lily is always doing one of two things: Sleeping or running around the house like she's crazy. You would never know that our cats are 11 years old. Lily gets so kitten-y and hyper and TEARS through the house. She cracks me up every day. She cuddles in bed every night all night. She can't figure out how to get under the covers herself so I get woken up several times a night to help her. She has a favorite rattly toy mouse that she only plays with once everyone is in bed and the lights are out. She smacks it around so hard then puts it in her mouth and walks around and meows. After awhile Simon comes to see what is going on and she stops. She NEVER plays with it during the day or when anyone might see her.
She likes to hang over our shoulders
Queen of the cat condo

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