Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Things I Love

I'm at Blaine's mom's so I can put up some blogs with pictures.

I haven't done '10 Things' in 2 weeks so I really owe you guys 20 things... but I'm just going to do 10. Sorry :)

1. Honey Jars fabric. I don't know what I would make out of it but I like it.

2. Sparkly I Love You garland
3. Lego cake! Looks super easy to make.

4. DIY gift card envelope! I made several make shift boxes and cards to hold gift cards at Christmas time. Now I know how to make a nice looking envelope.

5. Bow cardigan. I know this tutorial is for a baby cardigan but it can totally be applied to a "big girl" one too.

6. I want to go here
7. This is a SUPER cute idea! Cupcakes in mini mason jars.

8. Felted Soap by SoFino. These are just darling!

9. I wish I had the correct tools to make these mason jar soap dispensers. They would make great gifts!
10. This print by nickagin. The United States circa 1492.

Have a great day :)

1 comment:

  1. I love that print! so cute! and brandons mom made his sister in law, vicki, an apron, tea towels and matching oven mits out of that fabric! super cute!