Monday, February 28, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday

We still don't have (reliable) internet so I'm at Blaine's mom's again. Blaine is calling today about getting internet woooo! I don't have a lot of these picture credits because I bookmarked them when the internet was half working and now the webpages aren't working. So if any of these images are yours or you know where the belong, let me know and I'll post the link. I got a lot of these from You Are My Fave, she has a great blog and you should definitely check it out!

1. I like this embroidery and the others on this page

2. TOMS. I LOVE my Toms that I've had for several years and now I've got my eye on these.

3. Love this necklace! So cute!

4. I REALLY want some (cheap) vintage metal chairs for our deck. If I can't find vintage ones Lowes has some look a likes for $40

5. Lights like this over a dining room table would be cool or over a kitchen sink

6. Orla Kiely kitchenware mmmm

7. This clutch. I really wish I had the link to this! I know I found it on You Are My Fav when I was looking around awhile ago but now I can't find it.

8. This banner made of vintage glitter wallpaper!

9. This purse is delicious
10. I love Elsie's new dress line that launches very soon, especially this one
Have a great day!


  1. I love the little bunting zipper bag! You are my fav is a great site! I was extremely disappointed in the Red Velvet dress line. I only remotely like the "wedding cake dress" because of the fabric, the cut still looks like it came out of a middle school home ec class. maybe i just have to high of expectations.

  2. ya know I thought the same. I like the fabrics more than the dresses themselves. I don't really like the "bib" on the yellow chevron dress. Some of the cuts ARE weird. I can't remember which dress is was but they paired it with these huge boots and it looks ridiculous! Maybe I just don't understand this vintage revamp line but I thought they were going to be more cutesy maybe anthro inspired dresses...

  3. hahah yes! thats a good way to put it! i thought they would be more anthro inspired as well! i get that one girl was making them, but still, i would not put my name on those things. and the wedding cake dress. how the hell are you supposed to wear a bra with that?? i have boobies, they need to be held up! lol