Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday

Here is this weeks 10 things that I love. Enjoy :)

1. LOVE this sequin silk-organza dress. Do not love the price tag.

2. These might have been on one of the first '10 Things I Love' but I'm not sure. I've wanted these tea towels for almost a year and haven't gotten them for my birthday or Christmas. One day (when I get a job) I'll buy them myself. I just love Donna Wilson creations. (Click to enlarge)

3. This pillow is beautiful. It doesn't go with anything in my house but I like it.

4. Super cute idea for DIY rubber stamps. I made a mustache one today.

5. mmm Pyrex collection

6. These owls are too cute

7. I will have to make this cake sometime soon

8. And I want someone to make me these

9. Another Donna Wilson item. This plate is darling

10. THE dream closet. Ahh swoooon! One day. One. Day.

Happy Monday!

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