Monday, February 28, 2011

Really, it's ok

Rachael posted about this picture and I thought that I would too because I love the print so much. Actually I love both "It is okay for me to have everything I want" and "we are so good together" because they are both so true, huh Blaine? ;) If I knew who made them I just might buy them. Maybe Rachael will just have to make them for me in exchange for a yummy dessert? Hmmm? :)

10 Things I Love Monday

We still don't have (reliable) internet so I'm at Blaine's mom's again. Blaine is calling today about getting internet woooo! I don't have a lot of these picture credits because I bookmarked them when the internet was half working and now the webpages aren't working. So if any of these images are yours or you know where the belong, let me know and I'll post the link. I got a lot of these from You Are My Fave, she has a great blog and you should definitely check it out!

1. I like this embroidery and the others on this page

2. TOMS. I LOVE my Toms that I've had for several years and now I've got my eye on these.

3. Love this necklace! So cute!

4. I REALLY want some (cheap) vintage metal chairs for our deck. If I can't find vintage ones Lowes has some look a likes for $40

5. Lights like this over a dining room table would be cool or over a kitchen sink

6. Orla Kiely kitchenware mmmm

7. This clutch. I really wish I had the link to this! I know I found it on You Are My Fav when I was looking around awhile ago but now I can't find it.

8. This banner made of vintage glitter wallpaper!

9. This purse is delicious
10. I love Elsie's new dress line that launches very soon, especially this one
Have a great day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

For Emily

I miss you

Picture from junior year of high school 06-07


Blaine and I walk Molly 1-2 times a week. She is so well behaved and it's a lot of fun to take her on a walk. We always see people walking dogs at the river and at the beach and it makes me want a dog. I have two cats that would not like that. I also don't want to have to take it out so it can do it's business. I like that I can take her a walk and return her :)

This week

Yesterday morning Blaine and I made donuts. They were SO SO good! We just used Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits in the tube and fried them in vegetable oil in Blaine's fryer. We took a fryer outside so the house wouldn't smell.
Cinnamon sugar and glazed with sprinkles
I got this SUPER great hand towel at Pier 1 on sale after Valentine's Day. I told Blaine it has three great things in one and that's why I need it ;) It has sequins, rick rack and dangley polka dot hearts.
I got this blanket on sale at Target after Valentine's Day for $1.24! Booya Target and everyone else that paid $9.99! I love the detailed trim.
We also got these matching bird soap dispensers at Pier 1. They are much prettier than having the soap bottle sitting out.
I want this sewing machine bird feeder from Jo-Ann Fabrics!
Also, I got the dish towels that I REALLY wanted! (see 10 Things I love 2 weeks ago) I thought my Aunt Cathy had sent them to me because my mom told me that she was thinking about it but when I called to thank her she said that she never actually ordered them because she was having trouble with the site. And even if somehow the order got through, her Pay Pal hasn't been charged. Do I have a mystery buyer?
(This isn't a permanent placement. I taped them on the wall temporarily :) Also Pier 1 now as a knife to go with our fork and spoon!

The Cats

I don't post too much about the cats so here's an entry all about them.

Simon has been his normal stinkery self. Getting on the counter, harassing Lily and so on. The other night I was making dinner and looked into the living room to see him hanging out on the coffee table. He doesn't care if he gets caught, he just sits there and looks at you. He's also really sweet, cuddles when it's his idea and always has to help with whatever you are doing.
This is usually what I get when I try to take a picture of him.
Or I get this. Ears back trying so hard NOT to look at the camera.
Lily is always doing one of two things: Sleeping or running around the house like she's crazy. You would never know that our cats are 11 years old. Lily gets so kitten-y and hyper and TEARS through the house. She cracks me up every day. She cuddles in bed every night all night. She can't figure out how to get under the covers herself so I get woken up several times a night to help her. She has a favorite rattly toy mouse that she only plays with once everyone is in bed and the lights are out. She smacks it around so hard then puts it in her mouth and walks around and meows. After awhile Simon comes to see what is going on and she stops. She NEVER plays with it during the day or when anyone might see her.
She likes to hang over our shoulders
Queen of the cat condo

10 Things I Love

I'm at Blaine's mom's so I can put up some blogs with pictures.

I haven't done '10 Things' in 2 weeks so I really owe you guys 20 things... but I'm just going to do 10. Sorry :)

1. Honey Jars fabric. I don't know what I would make out of it but I like it.

2. Sparkly I Love You garland
3. Lego cake! Looks super easy to make.

4. DIY gift card envelope! I made several make shift boxes and cards to hold gift cards at Christmas time. Now I know how to make a nice looking envelope.

5. Bow cardigan. I know this tutorial is for a baby cardigan but it can totally be applied to a "big girl" one too.

6. I want to go here
7. This is a SUPER cute idea! Cupcakes in mini mason jars.

8. Felted Soap by SoFino. These are just darling!

9. I wish I had the correct tools to make these mason jar soap dispensers. They would make great gifts!
10. This print by nickagin. The United States circa 1492.

Have a great day :)

I'm back... or not

I feel like I haven't been on here in forever! Well because I haven't. So Happy Valentine's Day, Happy President's Day (for the sales ;) and Happy Birthday Dad! Nothing has changed with the new internet situation but until I just buy the better $20 tethering app I will have to deal with a slow connection and being kicked off randomly. By new internet situation I mean we no longer use our neighbors open internet (not by choice, they either moved or secured it) because we are too cheap to pay for our own and now I have to tether internet from my droid. It's not necessarily that we are too cheap to pay for internet it's that I think that it's a complete rip off. Blaine's sister just got rid of her internet because of how expensive it is. We've looked at prices before and it's insane. I don't think I should have to pay more than $20 a month. It does not cost the internet company that much for me to have wireless internet. It could be worse and I could not be able to tether internet and have to go to the library or something. btw I always feel gross after going to the library. You can't clean books. How many people have sneezed on this book, read it while going to the bathroom, put it down on the nasty bus seat, etc etc etc. I DO go to the library and I do check out books.. I just get grossed out. Wow ANYWAY Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures. I don't know if it's blogger or my tethering. I can't get on coupon websites like or target coupons because the computer thinks it's my phone. or something. I'll try later/ask Blaine. grrrrr. If it is the tethering than that stinks. I don't want to have to go somewhere with open wifi to blog. booooooooooo.

Let's just turn this crazy post into an update post with no pictures. Starting with last Monday....

Happy Valentine's Day! When I woke up there was a box of Choxi chocolates on my laptop. SO good! If you've never tried them you can only get them at Target (since they are a Target brand). When Blaine got home that night be gave me a bottle of Clinique Happy perfume. Mmmmm love it! And he got a free gift when he bought it which was a big white fluffy robe! Then we went out to dinner at McMenamins on the river. I thought that it was going to be SUPER busy when we got there there was only a 15 minute wait. Well the guy crossed our name off of the list somehow and after 25 minutes Blaine went up there and told him that he's seating all of these people that came in after us and he apologized and asked if we were over 21, Blaine said yes (less than 5 months counts right?) and he seated us at a booth in the bar area right away. Which the different between the bar area and non-bar area was a railing. The food was really good and made up for the wait. We got an appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip with pita bread and it was soooo good! I was LOADING the dip onto my bread and we even saved some dip for our fries. I'm surprised I didn't get sick from eating half a bowl of dip. The dinner menu was kind of small and I only found two entrees that I would eat and one of them was pulled pork and I can make that at home so I got a Tuscan chicken sandwich. Mmmm delish!! Blaine got a burger that had bacon and bleu cheese on it. It was surprisingly good as well! After dinner we stopped by Blaine's mom house then his dad's. We didn't get home until late and we were sooo tired.

Everything else I have to post has pictures to go with.. bahh hopefully I will be back later with those. Maybe I'll go over to Blaine's mom's to use her wifi.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The internet has been super, super slow since Sunday so I've been online very little. I get kicked off a lot then I get frustrated and end up quitting what I'm doing. I got kicked offline twice today in the middle of paying bills. Ugh. I'll do '10 Things I Love' and update when the internet is more stable.

Monday, February 7, 2011

On the weekend we...

We got a lot done this weekend. Finally hung the door on the wall (yay!), walked at the river and took pictures of the cats. Oh and "watched" the Superbowl.

On Friday night we went to Blaine's grandparents to use his grandpa's saw to cut the boards to hang the door. The guys did their thing in the garage and I stayed inside with Blaine's grandma and played with the cats while she played the accordion for me. The saw kept tripping the breaker thus cutting power to the garage and kitchen about 15 times. No joke. I was afraid that the power was going to go off and not come back on. After an hour and a half they got done cutting. On Saturday we spent several hours hanging the door. Thanks for the advice Uncle Eric but we did what Martha Stewart suggested. The job would have been a lot easier if we would of have a stud finder. At least we got the door up and even an earthquake can take this baby down.

We also went to an estate sale on Saturday and I got this wonderful owl cast iron hot plate. It was very disgusting (like in the picture) when I got it but I've since cleaned it and it looks MUCH better.

Walking at the river. I don't know that people know that when I say "the river" I mean the Columbia River. Just FYI :)

We found an IGA downtown and went to see how it compares to the one back in Eureka. And it doesn't at all. This one is very shady and smells like B.O. and fish. I think their main sellers are fish and booze since that's all there was at the whole back of the store. Never again.

Sunset from the balcony

Someone doesn't care if he gets caught on the counter or stove. If Lily see's him get up there she just stares at me like "uh he's up there again." This has been an increasing problem but we've taken a new approach of just (gently) pushing him off of the counter without saying anything, withholding treats if he's been especially bad that day and only giving treats every other day. I feel bad for Lily because she's so good. It's actually working and he hasn't gotten on the counter in days.

Fluffy kitty toes

Playing with string

We went to Blaine's mom's house for the Superbowl and this is how I spent the day, playing with Portia. She's getting so big!!

I got to take my Nana's sewing machine home with me when we visited in October and the spool pin broke in transit. I went to a local sewing machine repair shop THREE WEEKS ago and ordered a new one and its supposed to get in today. I really hope it does because I've that things that I want to sew! I'm also expecting to get some nail polish in the mail today, a toaster tomorrow and Benefit lip tint Wednesday or Thursday. It's like Hanukkah this week.

The Blazers vs. Bulls game is also tonight. Woo! I told Blaine that I need a new Blazers t-shirt because the guy on my shirt has been out with injury's the last season or so. I want a shirt with a player that actually plays. Since all of our good players are out with various injuries I might have slim pickins on a shirt. Oh well maybe I can at least get some dippin' dots mmm. What's even better is that we are riding with Blaine's friend so we (or I should say Blaine) doesn't have to battle Portland traffic.