Monday, January 3, 2011


If anyone hates the vet, it's me. We had to take Lily in today because some of her Soft Paws weren't coming off and were getting really long. If the caps don't fall off and the nail is getting long you are supposed to trim the tip of the cap and it will loosen the glue and fall off. Well we've tried and tried and they never did. There have been four caps that WILL NOT come off and we have trimmed and trimmed them and they got to the point where we didn't have clippers big enough to cut through them. The other day I noticed that a couple of them were touching the pad of her paw so we took her to the vet today so they could cut the caps off. Turns out the caps made sores on her paws :( I feel so bad! She has acted perfectly fine though, before we went to the vet we were playing and she was scratching on her post. She never acted like there was an issue. When we got home today she was running around and even scratched on her post more. Sometimes she shakes her paw like it hurts but she doesn't limp or baby it. The vet told us to get pellet liter so her sores won't get irritated but said not to put any meds on them. I really hope she doesn't develop an infection or anything.

You can tell that the cats NEVER go to the vet because as soon as I got the carrier out they both were all over it. Tom would never go near his because he knew what it meant. I put their carrier on the counter so I could put Lily's (my) snuggie in it, since she loves it, and both of the cats followed me and looked crushed that I was taking it away. After I gave it back Lily ran in and laid down so when Blaine got home all I had to do was close the door. She even got back into it when we got home. Crazy girl. She did so well in the car and at the vet and got treats when we got home.

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