Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Week

Last week was pretty normal. Not a lot happened.

On Monday I went with Blaine's mom to Jo-Ann Fabrics and I picked up that snap and eyelet maker that was on my '10 Things I Love' awhile back. When I got it home and started using it I found that it was missing a piece so Blaine and I had to go back later that night and get a new one. It's super easy to use and I'm excited to have it!

On Friday Blaine and I went to his mom's house for pie for her husband, Norman's, birthday. Norman is from England so Blaine and I went to World Market in search of snacks/drinks from the UK. We got Kit Kat Chunky and "Pub Mats" (coasters) from bars/beers from England and a bottle of After Death hot sauce just because he likes really spicy things.

Saturday we went grocery shopping and to IKEA to get an entertainment center! Woo!! Blaine got his tax return and we were going to put it towards a new TV but we agreed that we need a new entertainment center to put it on first. Our TV has been on an $8 LACK Side Table from IKEA made of corrugated cardboard and we didn't think that we should put a new expensive TV on that. We started putting it together at 7:45pm and I was finishing putting movies and Wii accessories away at midnight.

All we did Sunday was finish up our grocery shopping. Chuck's, a new semi small grocery store where we get our milk, eggs, sometimes ground beef if it's on sale, produce and I make my peanut butter, is closed on Saturday's. What?! Yeah. It stinks.

(Please bare with the cell phone camera pictures)

Laying out all of the pieces before we start building. And our happy helper.

This part took forever. Nailing the back on with 27 little tiny nails.

Ta da! We just love it. It's perfect for the living room and it holds everything that we need it to. We couldn't get some of the other entertainment centers because the Direct Tv box was too wide or the VHS player was too tall and so on but in this one they all fit perfectly!

Some of our classic Disney VHS's didn't fit. I eventually want to get all of the Classic Disney Movies on DVD (Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc)

New skillet+glass lid from IKEA. I also got one of those really magnified wall mirrors that pull out and go in the bathroom for $5, a big orange paper lantern for the spare room for $1 and one curtain panel for $2. Booya!

The boys watching tv. This is how Blaine holds Simon after he's been bad. He takes him over to the couch and sits down as a time out or a cool down but Simon ends up purring and staying for awhile.

How Lily helped build. She made a nest under the built in shelves with the paper and cardboard.

He sat on the chair behind me and watched. To make my cell phone pictures more bearable I downloaded a few different programs and have been trying them out. They all look better on my phone then when I upload them on to the computer...

I just love this picture of Lily

Why yes, I have been wearing flip flops! You might be thinking "She's crazy!". While I have been known to wear flip flops when it's freezing out, it got to be around 60 a few days this week. Although the ground looks wet, it was not. It was gorgeous out and while Blaine cleaned the inside of his car I enjoyed being outside.

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