Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wish

So I've been on the hunt (on for a new toaster. Blaine wants a 4 slice and I want a fun color (red or teal). Turns out toasters are expensive or maybe I'm just cheap. Amazon also doesn't have any teal toasters. I should say aqua or sea breeze or some sort of a teal. I really want our kitchen's colors to be aqua and red. Blaine thinks this is crazy but c'mon this is beautiful!

I also love this aqua and red wedding.

Anyways, onto what I REALLY want. Like REALLY REALLY want. Like all of these are on my birthday list (or Valentines Day ;) ;)

I WILL own these eventually.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Martha Stewart Blue Collection in Aqua Sky. Ahhh swoon!! To purchase this for me go here he he he ;) I've wanted a KitchenAid for a long time and this one is peeeerfect!!!
The dream toaster:

Hamilton Beach All-Metal 2-Slice Toaster in Sea Breeze. Just wonderful! I can't find this toaster for purchase ANYWHERE. All websites I've been too are either sold out and don't give you a restock date or they reroute out to amazon which says the same thing. :( booo!

Dream blender:

KitchenAid Blender in Martha Stewart Blue Collection

Oh Martha how I love your kitchen tools in Martha Stewart Blue. I want them all. Go here to see all of her kitchen items. I want them all!


  1. hah, i agree. i love this color combination. so cute!

    that kitchen is also super cute, not a lot of red though, oh and her house burnt down so it doesnt exist. sorry to be a downer! but that kitchen was fabulous!

  2. ohh I love both of her kitchens. I read through her blog a bit and that's so sad about the fire!!