Thursday, January 20, 2011

I bought a door

Yesterday Blaine's mom, Debbie, and I went to a salvage yard that had old doors, windows, door knobs, light fixtures, buffets, china cabinets, shelves, etc. This 76 year old man has ran is for 41 years and he followed us around telling us all about it and where he has gone to salvage some of the items. Some of the things were really well priced and others were quite ridiculous. Simple, plain doors were $10 and all other ranged from $20-$100. I thought about getting 2-3 old 6 pane windows to hang above the couch or the bed but I decided that I really wanted a door. I've seen all kinds of re-purposed decorations with doors lately and I knew that I wanted to hang it over the couch or use it as a headboard and I still haven't decided.

Ahhh isn't it beautiful? It's tall and skinny and a wonderful shade of minty green :) The other side is just white.

I don't know why it looks SO TEAL here but it is NOT this bright. Even though I do like this color :) Old skeleton key hole, I wish the plate was still on there.
Just wonderful!
It definitely has character and I haven't cleaned it up at all and I have no idea how I'm going to hang it but I'm really excited!! I'm not sure if I should leave the paint or repaint it? I know that Blaine is probably not thrilled with the green but I love it butttt I don't know it goes with the living room or the bedroom. Not that either room has a "theme". But I love the antiqued-ness of it but.. lead paint? I don't know.


  1. fun! you'll have to take a picture when you figure out what your going to do with it! glass on top. legs on bottom? instant coffee table??

  2. ahhh! i wish! i think our living room is too small though :(

  3. lead paint? If you don't nibble on it & the cats don't use it as a scratching post, you should be fine. :) I LOVE your door! You could make it a changing focal point by hanging photos, pictures, mirrors, whatever in the panels.

  4. From Uncle Eric: I would go to the hardware store and buy two L brackets and use those to secure the bottom of the door. That way you would not have to see them. For the top part I would see how I could use the old hinges to hold the door in place. The L brackets would be mounted in the the 2 X 4's (studs) and the old hinges could be mounted into the drywall. you just need to get drywall anchors. The L brackets support the weight and the hinges would hold the door up against the wall. You can buy an electronic stud finder for around 10 to 15 dollars and use it to locate the studs. That is my idea.