Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yeah.. kind of late on that one. 2010 was such a crazy, amazing year for me. I made a list of things that happened:

1. The first few months of 2010 were pretty uh.. normal. Just going to school full time and working two jobs. In April I visited Washington to go apartment hunting and after three days we found an apartment and were putting down a deposit!!

2. Also in April I became an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

3. In May I graduated from Illinois Central College with a degree in Small Business Management.

4. In June I did the best/hardest thing of my life. I moved out of my parents house and in with Blaine. Not only did I move out, I moved 2,068 miles away. Emily flew out with me (and Dorothy, R.I.P) for a week and I can't wait until she can come back! I LOVE living here, I love WA/OR and I love our apartment (minus the upstairs neighbors, ugh) but I miss everyone SOO much!! I wish I could come visit every month, at least ;)

5. In July I started an Etsy store.

6. Also in July I turned 20.

7. We went camping/to the beach. A lot. We went camping in Waldport, OR (our favorite place!) two times and we were going to the beach every 2-3 weekends for a couple months. I am not one for the wilderness and camping but we camp at a nice little campground that is right on Alsea Bay (Like from camping plot, down a tiny rocky hill to Alsea Bay is maybe 50ft). They have real toilets, showers, gift shop and boat rentals. We can't wait until we can go back!!

8. We went back to Illinois in October! We had wanted to go back for Thanksgiving or Christmas but tickets were ridiculous. It was so good to see everyone! Emily drove up to Chicago to pick us up from the airport and as Blaine and I were getting off of the escalator I saw her, dropped my bags and RAN across the (empty) baggage claim screaming "EMILY!!". Then we had a 2hr car ride home and I couldn't wait to see my mom. It's easy to say that you miss someone but when you see them again is when you really realize how much you've missed them.

9, 10 & 11. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. First holidays away from friends and family. They were definitely WAY different from what I'm used to but they were still good. I can't wait to spend next year in IL for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

2010 was so crazy and I know I have WAY more than 11 things that I could write but this is good :) Here is a list of things that I want to do in 2011.

1. Enroll in Sheffield School for Interior Design


3. Visit IL more/have my family and Emily visit here.

4. As mentioned before, go to camping and to the beach. We love the Oregon coast!

5. Go to Canada again. In 2009 Blaine and I spent a weekend in Victoria, Canada and we had a great time!

6. FINALLY go to a Backstreet Boys concert. I've been waiting for this for 12 years, 2011 is the year. They are playing up by Seattle in July. Happy Birthday to me!! (I don't really know if they can call themselves the Backstreet "Boys" anymore. They are all in their mid 30's. They are the Backstreet Men and they aren't in the boy band, they are in a man band.)

7. Emily and my 21st birthdays are this July and are 4 days apart. Trip to Vegas?

8. Road trip through California. I haven't been to CA since I had a layover in LAX on the way to Hawaii in 2005 and Disneyland/Pier 39 San Francisco before that in 2000. I definitely want to see the Redwood Forest and San Diego Zoo.

9. There are three classes that I want to take at the gym and they all are only at 5:35am MTF.

10. Continuing to decorate this apartment. I need to post updated pictures because it really is coming along. We need BIG things to hang on these big walls. Some things I want to get/do this year: new TV stand/TV(hopefully next month!), KITCHEN TABLE/CHAIRS and hang more things on the walls. There is one wall in the living room that needs something big on it. Maybe a nice big mirror.

I have high hopes for 2011 and I can't wait to cross things off of this list!

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