Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday

I've been super bad about not getting '10 Things I love Monday' out on Monday. I told myself that I was GOING to post this today so I am as I sit here in bed at 11:30pm.

This week's 10 things are pretty random, enjoy :)

1. Eco Highlighter Pencil. What!? A highlighter pencil?! Crazy!

2. This print

3. I REALLY love and want this wonderful crafting room!

4. This print

5. I made these cookies the other night and they are really good!

6. This owl knob

7. These gift wrap ideas

8. These DIY summer bracelets

9. This felt flower brooch DIY

10. http://pinterest.com/

11:57pm Monday. Success :)

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