Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday

And we're back with 10 Things I Love!

1. Pink Polka Dot Panty Clutch by Red Velvet. I think this is so cute!

2. Dritz® Gripper Plier Kit For Assorted Snaps. I REALLY want one of these. I have some projects in mind where I could use this! I have a (couple) 50% off coupons for Joann Fabrics so I just might have to snatch this up!

3. I LOVE bunting/pennant/whatever you want to call them banners. I plan on making this sometime soon.

4. I also really want to make this.

5. Slurpee's. In the summer Blaine and I frequented the 7Eleven and lately we've started back up again. I like when they have root beer and orange Crush but they haven't had either lately so I've been sticking to banana and Coke.

6. To go with the Slurpee's they now have metal straws! Of course we each had to buy one. Blaine and I went to Sonic the other night (which I didn't even know that they had out here! 7 months and I just discovered it) and we each got milkshakes and we both agreed that we needed to find metal straws because the shakes were so thick that the straw would just collapse making it impossible to drink. Well lo and behold a few days later we found metal straws!! Downside: pain to wash and they get SUPER cold!

7. This print by Red Velvet

8. I mentioned in my last '10 things I love' post that I got a sweater from Kohls with my gift card. Well I decided to add it again but with a picture because I LOVE it! It is SO comfy and looks really great too. I can't find the same color on Kohls website but I found one similar. Mine is black but still has the rosettes and is by LC Lauren Conrad.

9. This post on my friend Rachael's blog awhile back :)

10. Just Dance 2. Now I CANNOT dance. This game is just super fun! B and I have rented this from Redbox twice in the past month. My favorite songs to "dance" (flail around) to are Liva Las Vegas by Elvis and Boney M. – "Rasputin".

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