Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday on a Tuesday

I had everything ready to do '10 Things I love' yesterday but I forgot and remembered when I was getting into bed.

This week is all about crafts :)

1. PVC Pipe Frame. I think this looks super cool but I don't have a way to cut the pipe. This would look good if you painted it too.

2. Felt Fortune Cookies. These are super cute and sound really easy to make!

3. Heart Shaped Pot Holders. I would probably do these a little differently. I'm not too fond of the two lines going down the middle and I'd have to add some rick rack :) I just bought some really cute Valentine heart/owl shaped pot holder/oven mitt sets at Target the other day in their dollar section.

4. This isn't really a craft but I'm going to make it into one. I made my own version of the bunting banner stamp in last weeks '10 Things I Love' and I want to make my own recipe cards.

5. Super cute and easy heart hair clips.

6. Felt flower winter wreath. This doesn't have to just be a winter wreath. You could definitely use this in the spring/summer too, especially with the bright colored thread.

7. Miniature Fabric Flower Garland. This is cute and easy too! Can you tell that I like easy crafts? and banners/garland!

8. Glitter Bangles. I think I'll have to make these soon!

9. Paint Sample Garland. I love paint samples and this is a great way to use them!

10. Christmas Ornaments. Yes I know Christmas JUST got over but I really like these and will be making them for next Christmas! Can you tell that I already have Valentines Day on the brain? I can't wait to decorate!! I'm going to make a post of crafts that I've been up to lately later on today.

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