Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I haven't really posted an update lately so lets see what I can come up with. Let's go back to the beginning of December. I might have posted bits of pieces of some of these things but not whole story.

I (my Etsy) was in invited to be a vendor at a craft bazaar at a local fancy retirement center on December 1st. So for several weeks prior I was crafting crafting crafting and planning my table display. Well it was a total flop. A booth cost $30 and I made $25 and you had to give 10% to the middle school's PTO that was putting it on. SO I lost $7 and I had a TON of crayons, coasters, brooches and hair clips left over. The lady at the booth next to us didn't sell anything nor did several other people. The "buyers" that were walking around looking at the booths weren't buying. I was at the end of the table circuit and no one was carrying any purchases. Some of the other vendors that go to a lot of bazaars said that no one buys anything anymore and it is just a waste of time and money to have a booth. The next day (Dec 2nd) I set up for my Mary Kay open house at the apartment's club house and the manager told me that the apartment complex next door was having a craft bazaar that weekend and that it didn't cost anything to be in theirs so I said sure. Their craft bazaar was both Saturday and Sunday so Saturday we went to set up and everyone has a nice big table but me. There is just a piece of paper on the ground with my name on it so I set up my card table and sat. All day. NO ONE came to this bazaar but maybe 10 people!! Other vendors said that the apartment complex didn't advertise it except for a tiny sign by the road. I had 3 sales that day for a total of $9 and it was from other vendors! The majority of the vendors sold nothing and they again were saying that it's not worth having a booth in these things. So I decided to not come back on Sunday. I was not sitting there from 9-4 wasting a weekend.

Back to Friday (Dec 3rd). Had my Mary Kay open house. I put fliers in everyone's door a few weeks before, put up a flier at Fred Meyer down the road and had a big sign by the road and I made $17. Woo. Two ladies came and looked around and said that they were going to pick someone up and that they were going to be back in two hours. Nope, never came. One lady looked around only because she came in to rent an apartment and the lady that actually bought something was there because of my flier and that she actually wanted something. So another total bust. Three days wasted that week only to make $20 profit. Worth it? Nope. That seriously cut into my Christmas/bills money.

On to the last few weeks. Went to see the Christmas Ships twice, went to Portland's Festive of Lights (which is a total bust. There isn't that many lights and def isn't worth $16). Last week we went to a Singing Christmas Tree performance with Blaine's dad, sister and aunt and we had two Christmas parties to go to, one for the apartment complex and one for Blaine's work. The one at the apartment was just dinner and socializing and Blaine's work one was at the Red Lion hotel ballroom on the river. There was hor d'ourves, drinks, dinner, gambling, prizes and dancing. They gave everyone (who looked over 21) $500 in Sunlight Supply money to cash in for gambling. They had blackjack, craps, roulette and some spinney wheel that they just threw in there. Blaine wanted to play blackjack but the tables stayed full so I chose the spinney wheel because it was easy and I don't know anything about the other games. The wheel looked like it would be on The Price Is Right, every other number was a 1 and there were 2's, 5's, 10's and 20's. If you landed on a 1 you lost your bet, 2 you're even, 5 you double, 10 triple and 20 quadruple. The first time I spun I got a 2 then a 5 and Blaine got the same. I told him that we should go to Vegas but they actually card you there. After playing the spinney wheel several times and gambling time was coming to a close (and really, I was tired of holding all those chips) we both decided to go all in on the wheel and so did the couple in front of us. You might be thinking "You WANT to lose all of your money?" Yes, yes we did want to lose all of our fake money. Only the 3 highest winners of the night got prizes and we knew having $10 more than what we started with wasn't going to get us a prize. After we were done with that we ate dinner. Sometimes I worry at these things that I won't find much if anything that I like. I'm not TOO much of a picky eater like some people (Emily) but I want to know whats in it. I was glad to see that it were normal things like mashed potatoes, bread, cheese, and turkey. They did have more but I couldn't tell what it was. After that we had desert (lots of cheesecake mmmm) and they did company recognition and prizes. Sunlight Supply gives out GREAT prizes every year to their employees at the Christmas parties. Here are SOME of the prizes, there were hundreds: portable dvd players, lots of tools and yard equiptment, gift cards, Saks 5th Ave purse, lots of iPods, iPad, xbox 360 with kinect, playstation with whatever their thing is to copy Wii, red Wii set, digital cameras, appliances for your kitchen, a weeks paid vacation, 22 inch tv and the grand prize was a 55in Samsung LED TV. We REALLY wanted that. As did everyone else. Some guy that works in one of the warehouses won it. After all of the prizes were gone they gave out bonus checks and started the dancing and that's when we left.

Bored yet? Almost done.

Our only plans this week are just Christmas Eve and Christmas. Other than that I went shopping for Blaine's stocking stuffers and I still want to go get one more thing today. I had ordered some things online and the expected delivery date is the 24th. REALLY hope it gets here on time.

The cats have been surprisingly good with our real Christmas tree. The don't eat it or try to climb it. They LOVE fake garland though, really anything that says "fire retardant" they try to eat. Looks like we will always be having a real tree! They just run around it and mess up the tree skirt like no other. We laid a sheet down before we put the tree stand down and I had to TAPE the sheet to the tree and wedge a jar of change in the tree stand because Simon kept trying to drink the tree water. Every time we would do that he would either get his head stuck or choke on the water because he would start coughing every time. I have the tree skirt wedge between the stand and the tree for said reason as well. There is a hole in the side of the tree stand so we can water the tree so we just have to lift up the tree skirt to do so. Simon did some how get a higher up ornament off the tree and was playing with it around the living room. When I came out he had gotten it wedged between the Wii Fit board and the TV stand and he looked at me and ran.

WHEW. I think that's it!

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