Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Things I love Monday

These 10 things I love will be gifts that I/Blaine got for Christmas :)

1. Hand held Dirt Devil. I have been wanting one of these for a long time!! The cats are such messy eaters and they get cat litter everywhere in the bathroom.. Well not anymore!!

2. Griddle. Also something that I've been wanting for awhile! Now I don't have to make pancakes one at a time. (Yes I really was making them one at a time. We only have one nonstick pan and its the size of a piece of bread.)
3. The couch pillows that I've wanted FOREVER. I saw these at Target MONTHS ago and I've really wanted them ever since. I look at them almost every time we are at Target and I was afraid that they'd sell out or something. They go perfectly with our accent wall and I love that there is a different pattern on the backside.

4. Down comforter. I've had one for years but all of the fluff is in clumps in the corners so on my Christmas list I asked for one that has quilted squares so the fluff stays in place.

5. Wii Party/Kirby's Epic Yarn. I got Blaine Wii Party and he got me Kirby's Epic Yarn. We love them both!!

6. Gift Cards. This year we got a lot of gift cards to places like Home Depot, Kohls, Wal-mart and I bought a sweater and candle holder at Kohls, tonight we are going to Home Depot to look at floor lamps and we've been looking at cookware sets on

7. Drill and drill bits. Blaine has wanted a drill for a long time and finally got one. Now we don't have to borrow one anymore yay!

8. Cake Pops book. I have the Hello Cupcake book and Cake Pops is kind of like it but on a stick. I can't wait to make some of these!! But it will have to be awhile because we got LOTS of goodies in all of our stockings.

9. Cat condo. I'm SO glad that this isn't hidden under blankets in my spare room anymore. My camera won't connect to my computer so when I can get better pictures up, I will. Anyways, the cats love it and Lily is always on the middle platform and Simon likes the tube and to lay on the base. In this picture Lily is under the blanket.

10. LED TV. Okay we don't actually have it yet. My plan was to buy Blaine a TV but then I realized that he's way more picky about it than I thought and I don't know anything about TV's so I decided to just give him money for a TV. Which ended up not being as much on my end as I had hoped because the craft fair/Mary Kay things were a bust. Thank you SO much to those who gave money!!!!!!

And Merry Christmas to me, as soon as I can afford it, I'm enrolling in Sheffield School for Interior Design in New York, New York. Just kidding, just kidding, it is but it's an online school :) I've wanted to take an interior design class forever but at ICC I just wanted to get done and graduate and now that I moved NONE of the schools here offer interior design so if I want to do it I have to take it online. I'm really excited and can't wait to get started!

Here is a picture of all of our gifts :) Thank you everyone!!


  1. damn, you guys spent a lot of money! Fun stuff though! That book is so cute! Glad you guys had a good christmas!

  2. we didn't buy all of that for each other!!! I bought Blaine the wii game and a nunchuk for the wii and stocking stuff. He got me the couch pillows, comforter and wii game and stocking stuff. Everything else was from other people.