Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Things I Love Monday Christmas Edition

Time for the 2nd round of 10 Things I love Monday. I've been enjoying collecting different things that I want to show everyone and not just poor Blaine.

1. This wonderful apron. I LOVE aprons and I have several but I always forget to wear one when baking. Then when I do remember to wear one, I don't want to get it dirty.

2. I had to put these in here. You Bake 'Em Cat Treats. Comes with cookie cutters and a recipe book! Stocking stuffer for the cats?! If I didn't have to order it online then maybe!

3. Tinsel Tape. I absolutely love this and other fun tape. I have some zebra stripe scotch tape that I use very sparingly.

4. This mistletoe headband DIY. I tried to make it the other night but I didn't have enough felt.

5. I love these gift wrap ideas from Country Living

6. Might have to make this on Christmas.. mmmm

7. Christmas lights. I LOVE Christmas lights!! Even the gaudy Griswold houses. I think that everyone should leave up some sort of twinkle lights all year round or decorate with them for every holiday.

8. Christmas Ships. This goes along with the Christmas lights. Every year, several times during the holiday season, a good number of boats put Christmas lights on them and parade on the river at different locations. We went twice last week to see them :) I took this picture the first time that we went of one decorated with a Coho Salmon. You can kind of see two other Christmas ships in the background.

9. Christmas decorations. I love decorating in general and our house would be more decorated for Christmas if I HAD more decorations. It might even look how Buddy the Elf decorated Gimbels.

You might be thinking "wow they don't have many ornaments on their tree" (and maybe you're not, I'm used to an ornament on every branch) well we do have quite a bit of ornaments but most of them got concentrated to the front of the tree

Our tree skirt NEVER looks nice. This is because I have two cats that love to run and dive behind the tree then tear out from behind it. The other day I caught Lily playing under there and she had her arms up to her shoulders under the tree skirt. She also likes to put her favorite toy mouse under the tree like a gift. That's another thing. You may be wondering "no gifts!". Those same two cats love to eat bows and ribbon and just wrapping paper in general. Even if it's taped tight to a gift. So all of our presents are in the spare room closet or hiding under the blanket that is wrapped over their gigantic scratching post/tree.

Add ImageWe also have garland and twinkle lights above the kitchen cabinets and snow flake garland around the bathroom mirror :)

And what my house might look like...

I apologize for all of the crappy pictures. Sometimes my camera is great and sometimes I can't get it to take a picture no matter what I try. It also turns on and off randomly and sometimes doesn't work at all.

10. Number one thing that I love about Christmas - Jesus. Because without Him none of this would be possible.

I will write an update blog hopefully tomorrow. I need to go shopping for stocking stuffers and a gift or two for Blaine now. I NEVER wait this late to get Christmas shopping done. We've been done shopping for everyone else a LONG time ago, some even before Thanksgiving. I don't know what is taking me so long to get Blaine's gifts done this year.

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