Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Time!

We planned on getting our Christmas tree next weekend but I just couldn't wait! We went yesterday and cut ours down. I've been super excited to decorate for Christmas this year and have slowly been getting stuff over the past couple of weeks but promised Blaine that I'd wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. So I started decorating Friday night.

And to add to the things we have stuffed in Blaine's car (bikes, 6ft. scratching post, etc)

It actually fit perfectly! Blaine likes tall/big trees and I liked the "Small Firs" section of the tree farm best. I gravitate more towards the smaller trees and Blaine goes for the tall and fat trees but after we measured the car Blaine was a little restricted in height and girth. After seeing all of my selections he made a rule that the tree had to be at least as tall as me. After walking around and around we finally found one that we both agreed on.

And it's perfect and it exceeds Blaine's height requirement! :)

Back to the 6ft scratching post.. For the past couple months we've been contemplating on getting the cats one of those really big scratching post trees with different platforms for Christmas but they are expensive! Well on Black Friday Petsmart had one that we really liked for almost half price so we decided to get it. Once we got to the car in the busy Petsmart/Best Buy parking lot in the rain we realized it was not going to fit in our car. We tried folding down the seats and putting it through the trunk then in the backseat and out the window. Blaine ending up unscrewing the base then putting it in the trunk and through the backseat and it still had to stick out of the truck a little bit. The extra large scratching post is now in the spare room and is wrapped in blankets so the cats can't see what it is. I think I'm just as, if not more, excited to give the cats their gift as I am to give anyone else theirs!

The lack of blogs lately is due to the fact that I've been so busy and my internet is extremely unreliable. I'm a vendor at a craft bazaar on Wednesday and I have my Mary Kay open house on Friday. After this week I hope to blog more. Although after this week it's time to kick up the job search again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

High of 29, Low of 18

Well it did snow but definitely not 2 inches and Blaine still had to go to work :/ and he said our parking lot is a sheet of ice but the rest of the roads are fine. Good news is that the 10 day forecast says it'll be back in the mid 40's starting the day after tomorrow.

Monday, November 22, 2010


It snowed here yesterday. Snow. I don't like snow at all but if it has to happen I will allow it between December 1 and March 1. Before or after is even more unacceptable. Lucky for us it had been raining all day so no snow actually stuck. Well not in our neighborhood. We went to some stores a few miles away and there was snow covering the grass and cars. I just got an email from Blaine with a link to a local news stations website of local closures. All of the schools/churches/etc is our county are CLOSED or have canceled evening activities. It is not even snowing!! The sun is shining in my eyes right now! It is not supposed to start snowing until 8pm! and overnight we are supposed to get 2-5 inches, 2 being over levels and 5 being higher in the hills. Jeez people now I hate snow/hate driving in the snow but being from Central IL and having lived in Connecticut this is a bit ridiculous. Maybe Blaine will get to stay home from work tomorrow!

Friday, November 12, 2010


I have been super busy since we got home from Illinois! Which was great! Illinois that is. A week just isn't long enough to see everyone let alone spend any time with them. I don't even think I ate dinner with my family at all while I was there. Blaine and I were constantly gone trying to spend just a little time with everyone. I also went to a Mary Kay meeting and had to go to ICC to ask why I haven't gotten my PTK certificate yet since no one answers my phone calls or emails and it's been over a year. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and I wish I could have spent more time with all of you! I always welcome visitors here though ;) ;) ;) Seriously. I do.

The day after we got back Blaine and I went to an old apple cider mill with Enjelle which took much longer than we expected then Blaine and I went to Disney on Ice. The next day was Halloween (jeez it has been awhile since I blogged..) and we had Enjelle over to carve pumpkins and watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Which I always thought was a MOVIE like at least an hour long. Nope. 20 minutes. I remember it seeming so much longer. Anyways, the next few weeks after we got home I was bombarded by Etsy orders (which it great!). Then I got a message on Etsy from a parent from a local middle school's PTO inviting me to be a vendor at their holiday bazaar on Dec 1st. I've been crafting crafting crafting to get ready for that. I'm also putting together a Mary Kay open house at our apartment's club house on Dec 3rd. I'm using both of these things as an excuse to start buying Christmas decorations :) I actually have been trying to blog for the past couple days but our internet has been super spotting. I'm having to connect my phone to my computer since it can act as a wifi hub and use that and I still get disconnected every little bit.

Pictures to come as soon as I can round them all up!