Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Picking!

Yesterday Blaine and I went to pick pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch. There was actually a lot to do at this farm. It cost $8 to get in but you got a free pumpkin of any size, a free hot drink, two tries at the pumpkin launch, hay rack ride and entrance to the petting zoo and 6 acre corn maze. They also have a store with tons of fresh produce, jams and jellies and lots of different gourds.

The hay rack ride is actually your ride to the pumpkin patch. When we got out there I saw some people with different kinds of clippers and I told Blaine that that was nice that they give you something to cut the stems with. Turns out they don't and those people were just smart enough to bring them from home. They do however give you a wheel barrow. Once we got off of the "ride" I marched us farther out in the field than anyone else was where I was sure the better/big pumpkins were. And I was right.

Got our wheel barrow

Still walking

Blaine stood with our pumpkins as I spotted others that I liked

Believe it or not this was the good picture. The clouds were really bright and I couldn't keep my eyes open. When we went to pay for our pumpkins we got to pick the two lightest ones to pay for and have the two heaviest ones be the free ones. The two lightest ones were 6lbs and 32lbs. I can't even lift the other two :)

Corn Maze

The estimated time it's supposed to take you is 45mins - 1hr but I got us out in 20 mins

Pumpkin launch. I swear there is a pumpkin in there. They were like 5lbs.

Blaine's intense stance


  1. Great looking pumpkins! We went to a corn maze the year James was here, and if it wasn't for James and Eric, Maris and I would have been there until they harvested. :)

  2. The pumpkins are huge! Taller than the cats when they sit next to them. I cheat in the corn maze. I use the map that they give you. Blaine didn't want to use it but I mean they are GIVING you a map to use. They are expecting people to need it. I had to use it from the beginning otherwise I wouldn't of had a clue where we were. Plus I knew it would have taken us forever and I didn't want someone to have to come in after us when we didn't come out for 4 hours lol