Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Haven't felt like blogging lately. Not much to blog about. Just same old same old around here. Blaine had broken a tooth a few weeks back and he had his appointment this past week and got it filled. Did some Christmas shopping. Had a crafternoon with Blaine's mom and sister. Bought a new dress tonight from Kohls. I've been having fun decorating the mantel for fall. I'll get a picture taken and post it soon. I bought some cute owl candle sticks and even found owl candles to go in them (can you tell that I like owls? I have like 10..? That doesn't seem like much but I feel like it's a lot). Blaine's pumpkin that he got last weekend has a huge gash in the bottom so I moved it to the dining room and put it on a paper towel but it kept oozing so I had Blaine put it outside but it's getting worse. Good thing that I couldn't decide which pumpkin I wanted so I had to get two.. so I told Blaine he could have one. The cats have been trouble lately. Simon has been getting on the counters every 5 minutes and has been scratching on my flower chair. Ugh! It has made it from the 60's and looks great then I bring it here and now it's turning to crap because of him. I'm getting ready to put SoftPaws on him too. Lily has been following Simon and getting on the counter and scratching on the chair. She has SoftPaws but is missing two so she does do a little damage. This post is sounding a bit ADD :/ It's getting late and I can't think of anything else now. Tomorrow I will (probably) post a picture of the mantel/the rearranged living room.

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