Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We had our inspection today. The apartment manager and maintenance man came around and made sure everything was okay, checked fire alarms, dish disposals, etc. She said our apartment was the/one of the cleanest they've seen and she really liked our accent wall/mantel! She also commented on a lot of my other decorations as well. The people that lived here before us must have had cats because there are some claw marks in the kitchen window screen (no big deal) but she walked right over and told the maintenance man to get us a new one. Fine with me! Lily was also very social. When they got here she came right out and started meowing, following them around and scratching on the scratching posts (trying to look tough? Idk).

I wasn't worried at all about what they'd say but I'm glad it went well!


  1. yay for clean inspections and new screen doors!

  2. I knew it would all go well, you and Blaine are so talented. And of course the kits love to show off! Hope you have a really good time back home but i will look forward to seeing you when you get back from Ill.