Thursday, October 28, 2010


We go home tomorrow. One week just isn't long enough to see everyone you want to see let alone spend time with them.

I am looking forward to seeing the kitties. Oh how I have missed them!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can post it now

We are in Illinois until Friday!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We had our inspection today. The apartment manager and maintenance man came around and made sure everything was okay, checked fire alarms, dish disposals, etc. She said our apartment was the/one of the cleanest they've seen and she really liked our accent wall/mantel! She also commented on a lot of my other decorations as well. The people that lived here before us must have had cats because there are some claw marks in the kitchen window screen (no big deal) but she walked right over and told the maintenance man to get us a new one. Fine with me! Lily was also very social. When they got here she came right out and started meowing, following them around and scratching on the scratching posts (trying to look tough? Idk).

I wasn't worried at all about what they'd say but I'm glad it went well!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More new things!

Now that I posted a picture of the rearranged living room I've switched things up again. I just can't seem to find an arrangement that I love. This weekend we FINALLY got curtains for the living room and new dressers! Woo!! Thank you IKEA! Blaine said our house is turning into an IKEA house and I realized it's true. The majority of our house is furnished/decorated by IKEA, Pier 1 and random vintage/hand me down items.

I like to take panoramic pictures, it shows the space better. I just need to go back through the apartment and take new pictures. A looot has changed! (yes I know how to make a bed but Simon loves to get under the covers and sleep)
We are going to hang the mirror eventually. I'm just super excited to have a dresser! Blaine was taking up all of the other one except one drawer. And it was really tiny. All I could fit in there were socks and underwear and not even all of those fit. I know that some of you (mom) that are reading this aren't surprised. So now I have a nice biiiig drawer for all of my underpants! Yay!!

New curtains!! They were in the As-Is section of a IKEA where display/broken/discontinued furniture is. We can't find anything wrong with them except maybe a few marks if you look really close. I don't know if they were display or not because they are really clean. Maybe someone bought them then returned them.

Isn't she super cute? She's so little and her pants are so big. She is definitely getting her winter fluff.
A couple days ago she had gotten into some fat that I drained from the meatloaf pan and it made her kind of sick. She never GOT sick but she layed around for most of the day and just wanted to be covered up. We felt super bad for her so I got out a fleece blanket for her and were even bought her a snuggie. She will wear it for a limited amount of time but would rather just be covered up with it.
I better get back to cleaning. I guess in Washington it's a law that landlords/apartment managers have to do a yearly inspection of all of their units and ours is tomorrow. The notice said they are coming between 9-4 and since we are about right in the middle of the complex they will probably come in the middle of the day but I want to get everything done today.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Living room rearranged/decorated mantel for fall

Wow this picture is tiny. Click on it to make it bigger.

This is my cat. She likes to lay in crazy places. (Blaine and Simon in the mirror. Simon kept looking at Lily like "what are you doing up there?!")
This started the other day when Blaine was holding her and she kept looking at the top of the closet door so he held her up to let her see it/smell it/whatever and she jumped up. Well yesterday she kept coming in the bedroom while the door was open and acting like she was going to jump up there and she even tried once but she didn't even jump halfway up. It was actually pretty funny. So Blaine held her up there again and she got pretty comfortable.

We stand next to her the whole time because while she was getting comfortable she almost fell off a few times. After a few minutes I have Blaine take her down.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Haven't felt like blogging lately. Not much to blog about. Just same old same old around here. Blaine had broken a tooth a few weeks back and he had his appointment this past week and got it filled. Did some Christmas shopping. Had a crafternoon with Blaine's mom and sister. Bought a new dress tonight from Kohls. I've been having fun decorating the mantel for fall. I'll get a picture taken and post it soon. I bought some cute owl candle sticks and even found owl candles to go in them (can you tell that I like owls? I have like 10..? That doesn't seem like much but I feel like it's a lot). Blaine's pumpkin that he got last weekend has a huge gash in the bottom so I moved it to the dining room and put it on a paper towel but it kept oozing so I had Blaine put it outside but it's getting worse. Good thing that I couldn't decide which pumpkin I wanted so I had to get two.. so I told Blaine he could have one. The cats have been trouble lately. Simon has been getting on the counters every 5 minutes and has been scratching on my flower chair. Ugh! It has made it from the 60's and looks great then I bring it here and now it's turning to crap because of him. I'm getting ready to put SoftPaws on him too. Lily has been following Simon and getting on the counter and scratching on the chair. She has SoftPaws but is missing two so she does do a little damage. This post is sounding a bit ADD :/ It's getting late and I can't think of anything else now. Tomorrow I will (probably) post a picture of the mantel/the rearranged living room.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Picking!

Yesterday Blaine and I went to pick pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch. There was actually a lot to do at this farm. It cost $8 to get in but you got a free pumpkin of any size, a free hot drink, two tries at the pumpkin launch, hay rack ride and entrance to the petting zoo and 6 acre corn maze. They also have a store with tons of fresh produce, jams and jellies and lots of different gourds.

The hay rack ride is actually your ride to the pumpkin patch. When we got out there I saw some people with different kinds of clippers and I told Blaine that that was nice that they give you something to cut the stems with. Turns out they don't and those people were just smart enough to bring them from home. They do however give you a wheel barrow. Once we got off of the "ride" I marched us farther out in the field than anyone else was where I was sure the better/big pumpkins were. And I was right.

Got our wheel barrow

Still walking

Blaine stood with our pumpkins as I spotted others that I liked

Believe it or not this was the good picture. The clouds were really bright and I couldn't keep my eyes open. When we went to pay for our pumpkins we got to pick the two lightest ones to pay for and have the two heaviest ones be the free ones. The two lightest ones were 6lbs and 32lbs. I can't even lift the other two :)

Corn Maze

The estimated time it's supposed to take you is 45mins - 1hr but I got us out in 20 mins

Pumpkin launch. I swear there is a pumpkin in there. They were like 5lbs.

Blaine's intense stance