Thursday, September 16, 2010


Every Thursday the yard guys come and mow/weed wack/make a ton of noise at 8am. Why they come at 8 I have no idea. Are they THAT busy all day? Maybe if they wouldn't wonder around half the time they could come later. It doesn't rain here in the summer so all of the grass dies. You can tell who has sprinklers because they are the only lawns with green grass. Well the apartment has sprinklers that go like all night long. Every time I wake up I hear them. At least there is nice green grass to look at. Since the men come at 8 the grass is still nice and soggy so when the mow it does pretty much nothing and they make nice big mud tracks with the mower. A man was just walking around out back and was slipping in all the mud. Then another man just walks around with a leaf blower. Since the grass is wet it doesn't get all over the sidewalk so he is doing nothing but walking around making a ton of noise. This sounds worse than it really is, perhaps because I get rudely awaken. They do keep the complex looking nice. The grass is never too tall, the flowers/plants always look nice. They did take FOREVER to trim these bushes out front. It was getting so tall it was almost touching the top of the car ports. They finally trimmed it now it's as tall as the cars.

I just ran out and took this picture from the balcony. Blark!

Anyway. Enough complaining for today. Blaine's sister Enjelle had a Mary Kay party last night! It was a lot of fun and all of the ladies were so great!! On that note I'm putting in an order today if anyone wants/needs anything! We have lots of great new stuff!! I do have an MK website!! While I was gone at the party Blaine cleaned the house! He picked up the whole apt, did dishes and even Lysol wiped all of the counters!

Us the other night on a walk

My hair looks so long even though I just got 4 inches cut off!


  1. Katie at 8am you should be awake. haha. because you are an adult and thats what adults do they wake up early and go to bed early. duh!

  2. I don't get tired at night! When I was in school I was going to bed at like 9 or 10 and I was TIRED but I'm wide awake at night now and just get in bed because Blaine does. Sometimes I watch a movie or play with my phone until I fall asleep. But I'm almost always up by 9:30 lol