Friday, September 3, 2010

Double posts! Crazy!

Blaine and I are camping this weekend! We really wanted to go camping one more time this year and with Blaine having Monday off we thought it was perfect! I've been cleaning and getting things ready all day and decided it was time for a break. Blaine's dad will be checking on the cats again (he doesn't mind at all, he misses living with the cats:). We are going to our usual camping spot in Waldport, OR. We just love it there. The campsite is great, the little town is cute, the beaches are amazing and its super close to Newport where there is lots to do!

We got a digital converter box this week so we get to watch some (20 or so channels) TV! We get all the local channels plus like 5 Christian channels, two Spanish and a sports channel which I've only seen cycling on. During the day I watch/have on for noise The Price is Right at 10, She's Crafty at 11 and Ellen at 3. I'm excited to get to watch The Office and other shows on the tv instead of online! Woo!

Tonight we are going to a BBQ at Enjelle's house. I think it's sad when one of the first things I think of is YES! I don't have to cook dinner!

I opened an Etsy shop! I love to craft (maybe a little too much) and I always end up doing/want to do more crafts than I need/have room for! I've already sold a few things and have had a few custom orders! Yay! Click here to go to my Etsy page!

The cats are doing well. Lily has a new favorite hiding spot under the bed. Lily has always been my buddy but this past week she has woken me up 4 different nights wanting to get under the covers with me, she constantly wants me to sit down on the couch so she can sit on my lap and go to sleep or just follows me around. It's very hard to sew with a cat on your lap! I either have to hold whatever I'm doing all crazy because she's in the way or she gets very interested and started playing with/eating the string. Simon still sleeps in the Dyson box all day everyday. I got out our duffel bags today and he walked out of his box and right into the bag and went to sleep. The cats get treats (either 1/4 can of soft cat food or 4 kibble treats) every night. They don't let us forget either! Both of the cats know where the treats are and Simon knows that we put the rest of the can of cat food in the fridge so sometimes he stands up to the fridge and meows. The other night I had gotten a Slurpee and had taken some extra straws to make a heart hair pin out of the straws. We had JUST gotten into and bed and I noticed a crinkling sound and that the cats were running around. So we jumped up and Simon had a straw wrapper in his mouth and Lily was sitting next to her straw that was still in the wrapper. Soo one or both of them had to have gotten on the counter and gotten one or both down and they were running around crinkling them in their mouths. Gah! How they knew that the straws were on the counter I don't know! And they were playing NICELY TOGETHER which never happens!

Pretty sunset last night with a river cruise boat

We have a big couch and no where for me to sit. (Can you tell what our night consisted of by looking at the coffee table? Crafts, Ben & Jerry's and Redbox movie. Well my night involved crafts. Others included staring at their laptop or sleeping :)

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