Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comfortably busy

We have been comfortably busy lately. Saturday Blaine and I went garage saleing then Saturday night we went out to dinner with our friends Brandon and Rachael, Kenny and his new girlfriend Athena before Brandon left for EWU. After dinner Brandon and Rachael come over to our place and when they left it was POURING.

The parking lot was a tad flooded by the drain.

Sunday Blaine and I went to the farmer's market and got some delish veggies. Sometimes I forget to go to the farmer's market first before going to the store for some fruits and veggies. We got 2lbs of carrots, a big bushel of spinach and some corn on the cob for less than $4! After the farmer's market we went and saw a movie since we had movie theater gift certificates (thanks mom :)

Before dinner I was washing the veggies and found a slug in the spinach.

Blaine's dad is painting his living room/dining room and asked us if we wanted the mantel that was in the living room. We said sure and decided that we wanted to paint it. We brought home paint samples and I taped some to wall to see what would look best and after awhile I decided that I wanted to paint the whole wall AND the mantel. We decided on "Just About White" for the mantel and "Evening Star" for the wall. The wall we are painting is the big wall perpendicular to the front door that goes into the living room.

The wall color will be similar to the flowers in the owl.

Today while Blaine is at work I've started painting the mantel and we will paint the wall this weekend. I've also been crafting a lot (big surprise right??. I made a fall wreath for the door today. I hope no one steels this one. For those of you that don't know I had made this pretty great wreath out of balloons in July or August and someone stole it. We think it was the paper delivery person that comes between 2-5am.

Yesterday I went into Pier 1 and applied for a job. I applied there back in March but never checked back when I got here because I wanted to find an office job with benefits where I'd only have to work M-F. As time goes on I'm not caring if it has benefits or if it's full time or part time. It's been three months since I've been out here and I need something soon. Mary Kay can pay well IF you are always doing parties and having orders and that's not happening. And even if it was the pay still fluctuates. I love MK and I will continue to do it but it definitely can't support me right now. Anyways I love Pier 1 and they are hiring for seasonal so I hope I get a job. I don't want to work retail, I don't want to work evenings or weekends but if I get the job I hope I like it so much that it won't matter (that much).

I've been looking at plane tickets for November. I hate flying. I only look at nonstop flights but those are at least $400. They are like $250 if you fly in or out ON Thanksgiving :/ Plus if I do get a job (which I SUPERLY hope I do before then!!) I hope I can take a week off. If I can't come out I expect everyone to come out here!

What?! They are both in the window at the same time and NOT fighting (yet)! This is the second day in a row that they have done this.

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