Monday, September 27, 2010

Always Stand Over the Drop Cloth

This weekend we painted an accent wall in the living room and put up a mantel! Blaine's dad is painting his house and asked us if we wanted his mantel and we said sure. At first we were just going to paint the mantel but then I decided that I wanted to paint the whole wall AND the mantel. The color isn't perfect is any of the pictures. It either look way too light or too dark. We got all of the painting done on Saturday then Blaine's dad came over on Sunday to help us put up the mantel.

After I moved everything and before we painted

The drop cloth is so fun and crinkly!

But they both soon got sent to the spare room.

I was in charge of edging

Blaine's job was to roll

Some of us don't need step stools. (How do you like Blaine's hair? I've taken over cutting his hair, I think I'm more nervous than he is!)

Ta da! (the wall looks REALLY light here)

Stood next to it for height reference

This picture does the best in showing the "true" color of the wall. We love it!

Painting is exhausting

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comfortably busy

We have been comfortably busy lately. Saturday Blaine and I went garage saleing then Saturday night we went out to dinner with our friends Brandon and Rachael, Kenny and his new girlfriend Athena before Brandon left for EWU. After dinner Brandon and Rachael come over to our place and when they left it was POURING.

The parking lot was a tad flooded by the drain.

Sunday Blaine and I went to the farmer's market and got some delish veggies. Sometimes I forget to go to the farmer's market first before going to the store for some fruits and veggies. We got 2lbs of carrots, a big bushel of spinach and some corn on the cob for less than $4! After the farmer's market we went and saw a movie since we had movie theater gift certificates (thanks mom :)

Before dinner I was washing the veggies and found a slug in the spinach.

Blaine's dad is painting his living room/dining room and asked us if we wanted the mantel that was in the living room. We said sure and decided that we wanted to paint it. We brought home paint samples and I taped some to wall to see what would look best and after awhile I decided that I wanted to paint the whole wall AND the mantel. We decided on "Just About White" for the mantel and "Evening Star" for the wall. The wall we are painting is the big wall perpendicular to the front door that goes into the living room.

The wall color will be similar to the flowers in the owl.

Today while Blaine is at work I've started painting the mantel and we will paint the wall this weekend. I've also been crafting a lot (big surprise right??. I made a fall wreath for the door today. I hope no one steels this one. For those of you that don't know I had made this pretty great wreath out of balloons in July or August and someone stole it. We think it was the paper delivery person that comes between 2-5am.

Yesterday I went into Pier 1 and applied for a job. I applied there back in March but never checked back when I got here because I wanted to find an office job with benefits where I'd only have to work M-F. As time goes on I'm not caring if it has benefits or if it's full time or part time. It's been three months since I've been out here and I need something soon. Mary Kay can pay well IF you are always doing parties and having orders and that's not happening. And even if it was the pay still fluctuates. I love MK and I will continue to do it but it definitely can't support me right now. Anyways I love Pier 1 and they are hiring for seasonal so I hope I get a job. I don't want to work retail, I don't want to work evenings or weekends but if I get the job I hope I like it so much that it won't matter (that much).

I've been looking at plane tickets for November. I hate flying. I only look at nonstop flights but those are at least $400. They are like $250 if you fly in or out ON Thanksgiving :/ Plus if I do get a job (which I SUPERLY hope I do before then!!) I hope I can take a week off. If I can't come out I expect everyone to come out here!

What?! They are both in the window at the same time and NOT fighting (yet)! This is the second day in a row that they have done this.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Too many shoes or not enough shoe racks?

Not enough shoe racks :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Every Thursday the yard guys come and mow/weed wack/make a ton of noise at 8am. Why they come at 8 I have no idea. Are they THAT busy all day? Maybe if they wouldn't wonder around half the time they could come later. It doesn't rain here in the summer so all of the grass dies. You can tell who has sprinklers because they are the only lawns with green grass. Well the apartment has sprinklers that go like all night long. Every time I wake up I hear them. At least there is nice green grass to look at. Since the men come at 8 the grass is still nice and soggy so when the mow it does pretty much nothing and they make nice big mud tracks with the mower. A man was just walking around out back and was slipping in all the mud. Then another man just walks around with a leaf blower. Since the grass is wet it doesn't get all over the sidewalk so he is doing nothing but walking around making a ton of noise. This sounds worse than it really is, perhaps because I get rudely awaken. They do keep the complex looking nice. The grass is never too tall, the flowers/plants always look nice. They did take FOREVER to trim these bushes out front. It was getting so tall it was almost touching the top of the car ports. They finally trimmed it now it's as tall as the cars.

I just ran out and took this picture from the balcony. Blark!

Anyway. Enough complaining for today. Blaine's sister Enjelle had a Mary Kay party last night! It was a lot of fun and all of the ladies were so great!! On that note I'm putting in an order today if anyone wants/needs anything! We have lots of great new stuff!! I do have an MK website!! While I was gone at the party Blaine cleaned the house! He picked up the whole apt, did dishes and even Lysol wiped all of the counters!

Us the other night on a walk

My hair looks so long even though I just got 4 inches cut off!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Katie Home Maker

Since I have yet to even get so much as a call about a job (UGH) I have a lot of time on my hands. I usually craft. A lot. Restocking my Etsy page and working on new things.

Like this pillow.

I also like to bake. We got a ton of cake and cookie mixes at our house warming party and I baked the last one before we went camping. I made oatmeal raisin cookies yesterday. It's probably a good thing that we don't have any more mixes and that we rarely have chocolate chips and we don't have cocoa powder otherwise I'd bake everyday.

But I hate making dinner. I need to plan my meals better. Whenever I actually do feel like looking at a recipe we never end up having all of the ingredients. I usually just mix up some spices or sauces and put it on some chicken. A couple weeks ago I was doing really good at making new things. I was on a kick with crock pot meals like roast, ribs and chicken and broccoli.

Lily made herself a nest out of the folded up blanket

I had help taking pictures for Etsy/cleaning the spare room.
Blaine is taking me to Noodles & Co and a movie tonight so I need to get ready!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Camping was great! We just love Waldport, OR. The small town (pop. 2000) is so cute and everyone is really nice. The camp ground we go to is perfect. Real bathrooms and showers and a great view! Plus Waldport is like 15 miles away from Newport where there is amazing beaches and lots to do!

mmm beautiful weather

the campground wasn't very busy. there were more seagulls than people.

seal lions in Newport

Exploring tide pools at Seal Rock beach

We had a lot of fun at the beach looking at all the tide pools! We saw TONS of starfish, a crab, tadpoles and other little creatures.

Our really big breakfast on the pier. I asked for a kid size pancake!

At Devil's Punchbowl. It was really bright. I think my eyes are closed.
Devil's Punchbowl wasn't very punchy.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Double posts! Crazy!

Blaine and I are camping this weekend! We really wanted to go camping one more time this year and with Blaine having Monday off we thought it was perfect! I've been cleaning and getting things ready all day and decided it was time for a break. Blaine's dad will be checking on the cats again (he doesn't mind at all, he misses living with the cats:). We are going to our usual camping spot in Waldport, OR. We just love it there. The campsite is great, the little town is cute, the beaches are amazing and its super close to Newport where there is lots to do!

We got a digital converter box this week so we get to watch some (20 or so channels) TV! We get all the local channels plus like 5 Christian channels, two Spanish and a sports channel which I've only seen cycling on. During the day I watch/have on for noise The Price is Right at 10, She's Crafty at 11 and Ellen at 3. I'm excited to get to watch The Office and other shows on the tv instead of online! Woo!

Tonight we are going to a BBQ at Enjelle's house. I think it's sad when one of the first things I think of is YES! I don't have to cook dinner!

I opened an Etsy shop! I love to craft (maybe a little too much) and I always end up doing/want to do more crafts than I need/have room for! I've already sold a few things and have had a few custom orders! Yay! Click here to go to my Etsy page!

The cats are doing well. Lily has a new favorite hiding spot under the bed. Lily has always been my buddy but this past week she has woken me up 4 different nights wanting to get under the covers with me, she constantly wants me to sit down on the couch so she can sit on my lap and go to sleep or just follows me around. It's very hard to sew with a cat on your lap! I either have to hold whatever I'm doing all crazy because she's in the way or she gets very interested and started playing with/eating the string. Simon still sleeps in the Dyson box all day everyday. I got out our duffel bags today and he walked out of his box and right into the bag and went to sleep. The cats get treats (either 1/4 can of soft cat food or 4 kibble treats) every night. They don't let us forget either! Both of the cats know where the treats are and Simon knows that we put the rest of the can of cat food in the fridge so sometimes he stands up to the fridge and meows. The other night I had gotten a Slurpee and had taken some extra straws to make a heart hair pin out of the straws. We had JUST gotten into and bed and I noticed a crinkling sound and that the cats were running around. So we jumped up and Simon had a straw wrapper in his mouth and Lily was sitting next to her straw that was still in the wrapper. Soo one or both of them had to have gotten on the counter and gotten one or both down and they were running around crinkling them in their mouths. Gah! How they knew that the straws were on the counter I don't know! And they were playing NICELY TOGETHER which never happens!

Pretty sunset last night with a river cruise boat

We have a big couch and no where for me to sit. (Can you tell what our night consisted of by looking at the coffee table? Crafts, Ben & Jerry's and Redbox movie. Well my night involved crafts. Others included staring at their laptop or sleeping :)


Last Saturday Blaine and I, Blaine's sister Enjelle and mom Debbie participated in the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network Walk in Portland. Thank you to those whose donated!! I tried to send you all individual thank you emails directly from FAAN's website but I don't think they all went through? If they didn't I'm sorry and thank you sooo much!

At the walk there were several tables set up where different stores/organizations had free samples and information. Even though all of the food samples they brought were packaged with a list of ingredients and were of course gluten/tree nut/dairy/peanut/etc free everyone still checked all the ingredients and asked what was in it. I couldn't imagine having to do that every day with every single thing I ate.

The walk was at this nice park in Portland. It was a beautiful day, actually kind of chilly!

Thanks again to those who supported this great cause!!!