Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend Travelers (Warning: Lots of pictures)

We just can't seem to stay home on the weekends! Saturday we went to Beacon Rock and hiked to the top then went down the road a few miles to Bonneville Dam. We had been to both about six years ago but I had never climbed Beacon Rock.
Beacon Rock

About half way up looking at the switch backs

Looking down at different switch backs

Blaine feeding chipmunks that were at the top. The ran around everyone's feet and ended up getting lots of snacks.

Views from the top

Bonneville Dam. The inside looks straight of the out 70's. I'm sure that they have not redecorated since.

The dam allows all of the Salmon to still swim up steam. There are different sections so they can sit and rest.

On Sunday we went to Multnomah Falls!

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