Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sad days

About a week ago I changed the water in Dorothy and Nuggets tank and when Nugget didn't move for 2 days I got suspicious. He often doesn't move for a couple days but he just didn't look... right. I took him out of the water and he STUNK. Poor little guy died. He was fine before I changed the water so I don't know if it was coincidence or if there was something in the new water. Saturday I noticed that Dorothy was swimming funny. She was swimming then floating to the top. I thought she might have a swim bladder infection but then when she was only floating on her side at the top I knew something was really wrong. We went to Petco and they said to get freshwater salt and that helps clean out bacteria and helps the gills work better. We put some in and by the time we went to bed she seemed to be doing better, swimming right side up for little bits. When we woke up she was dead. I was soooo sad! I told Blaine that I couldn't flush her and asked if we could bury her at his dad's house. I made a nice box out of an empty crayon box and Blaine made a cross out of wood. I had text mom and Emily to tell them about Dorothy and later mom called and I started crying all over again. Part of me was like why am I crying over a goldfish? Some fish just don't live very long. And the other part of me was so devastated because she was little part of home that made the journey to Washington with me. The water didn't even look that dirty, I should have just left it.

Blaine was very nice and dug the hole and everything. I told him I don't know how I feel about burying her next to three cats! I also picked some dandelions and put them by her cross.

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