Saturday, August 14, 2010


Lets see.. what have we been doing lately. Last Saturday we went to Longbeach, WA. It ended up being a crappy rainy day and we spent less than 10 minutes on the actual beach. Mostly because I wanted to see the really big birds. Turns out they were pelicans.

There are lots of little stores, museums and arcades at this beach so we spent our day at the beach inside. They also have go karts which Blaine was very excited about but it was too rainy to do them.

To get to Longbeach you have to go through Astoria, OR and in Astoria is a 4 mile long bridge that goes over the mouth of the Columbia River. Said bridge is very tall, two lanes and very scary.

I couldn't get the whole bridge in one shot

Going up

Going down

On the way back from the beach and after lunch at Pig'n Pancake we went to a maritime museum. Well we stood on their dock because the actually museum had closed for the day.

On Thursday we went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) because they were having free admission and free parking.

Blaine took these panoramic pictures when we left the museum of Portland and the Willamette River

Last night we went to the Clark County Fair to watch the demolition derby and ended up seeing and sitting with our friends Brandon and Rachael.

And we walked through all of the animals :)

We also go to the river a lot and walk

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